I’d told her about 50 million times – 14th January 2000

Friday 14th My first text message of the day was quite a nice one from ?Mark. It said, “HELLO DARLING, HOW’S MY LITTLE GEM? I’VE JUST WON £300 IN WORK – NICE BIG PISS UP TONIGHT THEN!” The thing is that I think it was actually for Sarah.

I skived my first 2 lessons today. I missed Miss P’s Sports Studies lesson because they were doing a surprise practical lesson. We were going to do it for a Xmas treat but the teachers have only just managed to organise it. I didn’t fancy doing it so I went to the primary school to help my mum.

I missed Mr B’s lesson too cos that’s also Sports Studies and he’d want to know why I hadn’t been in 1st thing. I found out later that they’d had a game of kibadi (if that’s how you spell it!) [it’s not] because every lesson, someone manages to mention it. It’s become a bit of a joke.

Freda was really, really pissing me off this afternoon. She was in one of her lesbian moods and kept hugging me and stuff and saying disgusting things! She actually texted me an apology later this evening.

Floyd Miller now fancies Sarah. He’s gone off Karen now, you see!

Hayley, Sarah and I went to LA Bowl (AGAIN! AAARRGGHHH!!!) tonight. Andy and ?Mark came too. Stu turned up for a while but left again with his girlfriend. I really honestly don’t care much.

I talked to ?Mark most of the night. He, Sarah and I were finding it really boring but Hayley wouldn’t leave. We intended to get the last bus home so we could go in The Coach and Horses or somewhere but Hayley whinged until we gave in.

The taxi was booked for 11:00 pm but when it came, Hayley and Andy had disappeared. We rang her and she said she was coming but she took at least 5 minutes. So, Sarah and I were pissed off with Hayley and ?Mark was pissed off with Andy.

Hayley was annoying me on the way home because she kept apologising every 5 seconds and asking if I was speaking to her even though I’d told her about 50 million times that I don’t do not speaking. Sarah and I have decided we’re going to the pub next weekend, with or without Hayley.

?Mark’s alright actually. He looks like a bit of a scally but he’s okay really.

I sent Amir a message cos I was bored. It said, “HI AMIR! HAS LIZZIE TOLD U? I’VE DECIDED THAT I REALLY AM IN LOVE WITH U BUT THAT MIGHT JUST B COS I’VE BEEN UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF BOREDOM! C YA. LUV TESS X J” I didn’t get a reply. I hope he wasn’t insulted by it.


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