It’s just bloody typical – 9th & 10th January 2000

Sunday 9th Andy’s broken it off with Hayley. She was in tears on the other end of the phone to me before saying how she didn’t understand. I feel really sorry for her actually. It’s just bloody typical, isn’t it?! Just as things seem to be going well, everything changes for worse. She said he wanted to meet in her village today but she was doing something else and couldn’t so he told her to just forget it and said that they weren’t really suited anyway.

I’m also pretty gutted cos this means that I probably won’t see Stu again. I really like him too. I was disappointed when I woke up this morning cos I dreamt I was actually going out with him!

Amir apparently didn’t say much on the text message subject at swimming today. So that’s another thing that’s ended, my contact with Amir.

My calling credit ran out completely on my phone today so I’ve got the bloody Vodafone woman nagging me to arrange a top up now.


10th January I want driving lessons. The problem is that I can’t afford them myself and I feel guilty letting Mum and Dad pay because, even though they would, they can’t really afford it either.

I’m sick of everyone around me talking about lessons they’ve had or ones they will have and asking why, if I’m 17, am I not learning to drive. I’m having to pretend to my parents that I’m not fussed because if they thought I was then they’d feel guilty and pay which’d make me feel awful too. I don’t want that.

Hayley said that she’s going to tell Andy that I fancy Stu. I don’t want her to cos if I know he knows then it’ll be really awkward if I see him again. I’d rather just let stuff happen itself if it’s going to at all, rather than be pushed into it with all the awkwardness that comes along too.

I had a text conversation with Andy’s mate Mark (who will be known as ?Mark because I don’t know his full name and there are too many Marks about). It began with a message from him saying, “R U NOT TALKING 2 ME NOW? I ONLY KNEW U WERE AT LA BOWL WHEN ANDY TOLD ME ON THE WAY HOME – SORRY!”

I then had to explain that I wasn’t really bothered because it was Sarah who was interested not me and that I’d just helped her to write the messages. He started sending her messages then which is good because she’s happy now. He told her that Andy’s a bit geeky!

Hayley said that she spoke to Stu briefly last night. He answered Andy’s phone and said he’d get him to talk but he didn’t succeed. She also reckons he texted her saying nice stuff like she was a good kisser just to make her feel better. She doesn’t think it’s the kind of thing Andy’d say. She agrees with me that Stu’s sweet.



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