ìM Ä LìTTLé T≡×T GRƩMLìÑ – 8th January 2000

Saturday 8th I was at Grandma S’s for most of today because some woman was coming to see her about a new gas fire. I went out to LA Bowl again tonight though with Hayley, Freda, Henry Rockwell, Isaac McFarlane and Sam Allsop. We were on a lane next to a load of lads who work in the supermarket near school which included the extremely fine Jackson Leeming.

The lads who were with us went quite early which we were quite glad about cos they’re geeks and were deterring other lads.

Hayley’s Andy’s mates were there and he came later cos he was watching the Man Utd match. Andy’s not bad actually. It took a while but at the very end of the night they eventually snogged. His mates were okay too. The one who we’ve been sending messages to, Mark, isn’t nice looking really and he was with his girlfriend.

There was a really fit one whose name I can’t remember who was talking to us a bit. Hayley told Andy I fancied that one but nowt came of it. I changed my mind anyway and decided I liked Stu. He’s a bit chunky but really sweet and not actually that bad looking. Nowt happened there either though, even though Hayley told Andy I liked Stu too.

I found out Stu’s 20. He was talking to me quite a lot. He’s dead nice! He’s not usually the type I go for thought. I usually seem to go for taller and lankier. He was just lovely though!

The Amir thing’s been ended by Freda. After he sent the ‘Mike’ message, I sent one back yesterday saying, “I DID SOME RESEARCH + I KNOW U R AMIR. U OBVIOUSLY RN’T INTERESTED BUT I’M STILL MADLY IN LOVE WITH U. MY PHONE’S FUCKED UP SO TEXT ME ON THIS NUMBER. WHO’S R, D + B?” I said that part about my phone coz I thought he might send a reply to Sarah’s phone. There was no reply at all.

Lizzie sent me a message and told me to send it on to Amir to scare him coz he’d started it off. So I did. It said [Oh, bloody hell. This is going to be an arse to type.], “HéLLö ìM Ä LìTTLé T≡×T GRƩMLìÑ ÅÑD ì LìV≡ ìÑSìDé ŸØùR PHöÑ≡. ÉV≡RΫ TìMé Ýöù R≡ÄD THìS Mé$$ÄG≡ ì $HÄG ÝöùR $ìM ÇÄRD. PL≡Ä$≡ PÅ$$ M≡ öÑ 2 $HÅG MöR≡ Séχÿ SìM CÄRđS.” [That was an arse to type.]

The next thing was Freda ringing his answer service and saying, “Hi, is this Amir? Lizzie fancies you.” I then got a message from Amir saying, “R U 1 OF LIZZIES MATES?” My reply: “I MIGHT B. IT DEPENDS WHICH LIZZIE U R ON ABOUT. WHY? U R AMIR THEN?”

He sent another saying, “I NEARLY KNOW WHO U R! U R EITHER T OR F OR ANOTHER 1 OF HER MATES. HAVE I SEEN U B4? U COULD B ZOE. DO U KNOW BRETT?” Freda rang him again and left another message saying, “Hi Amir, this is F. It’s T who’s sending you the messages.”

A while later I got a message saying, “I’LL FONE U 2MORROW. I’M RESCISITATIN MY FONE!” Oh no, he must really think I like him and want him to phone! What do I say?

I also had a call earlier on from a lad asking for David but he kept asking who I was and wouldn’t answer when I asked who he was. It could’ve been Amir trying to find out so I didn’t say I was Tess.

I just sent him a message saying, “I’M SORRY! IT’S LIZZIE’S FAULT! I FEEL REALLY SHADY NOW. LIZZIE DOESN’T FANCY U BY THE WAY, THAT WAS JUST FREDA PISSING ABOUT. DID U PHONE ME EARLIER? C YA. x”. He probably won’t get it until tomorrow if his phone’s still charging.


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