I hope to God my dad didn’t read them! – 27th & 29th December 1999

Monday 27th Yet another boring day! Nothing happened yesterday either and no doubt nothing will happen tomorrow but then everything seems to be going on on Wednesday so I have to choose now. 

Why can’t people plan things on different days? Nothing happens for days on end and then, all of a sudden, everyone wants to go out on the same day but to different places.
On Wednesday I can either go shopping to Manchester with Mum and Abby to meet Auntie G and Grandma and then onto some party with my parents and Abby OR I can go ice skating again with the same lot as last time.

I don’t know what to do. If I go ice skating then I’ll feel guilty about not seeing Grandma and Auntie G and the sales have started and I might not get another chance to go. Plus I probably won’t be able to go to this party of this woman my mum works with and they have teenagers in the family which could mean lads! The again, if I don’t go ice skating I might miss out on there on lads too and Lizzie might invite someone else instead. Also, the party could be crap, full of old people and me not being able to get near any lads because my parents are there.

What should I do?!

My dad’s been in the internet sometime over the last few days and has been deleting old e-mails of ours because they were cluttering up the file. What I’m worried about is that he’s read some of the e-mails sent to and from this lad called Adam Cunliffe. Dad did say, after he’d done it, that Adam Cunliffe had featured a lot in the e-mails and he asked who he was. I told him that it was someone I used to chat online to but if Dad read any of the e-mails he will now know that I didn’t just chat with him but we exchanged phone numbers, addresses and photos and even planned to meet up at Alton Towers. We wrote and phoned but nothing in fact became of the meeting up thing but Dad may not believe that.

Adam also used to put about how much he liked me and in one or two, jokingly wrote about what he got up to in the shower. I hope to God my dad didn’t read them!


Wednesday 29th I ended up going to Manchester to shop with my mum and Abby today and then we went to visit Grandma S and Auntie G afterwards so I couldn’t go ice skating. Mum and Dad decided not to bother with the party in the end.

When I got home from Grandma S’s, I phoned Lizzie at ice skating because we’re meant to be going into Warrington tomorrow to relieve some of our boredom. I got a message from her earlier on today saying, “HI TESSA, I’M ON THE BUS. WHAT’S GOING ON TOMORROW? BECKI’S DISAPPOINTED. SHE’S HERE + SHE WANTED 2 MEET U.” That made the fact I couldn’t go ice skating even worse because I wanted to see what Becki’s like too.

I spoke to Becki, Brett and Damon very briefly when I rang Lizzie. They were there (obviously!) plus Leon, Amir and some lad called David.

Only 2 days left of this year, century and Millennium left to go now. It doesn’t seem like anything special really. I’m still as bored as ever!


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