All I want to do is punch the living daylights out of her – 15th December 1999

Wednesday 15th Hayley decided to speak to me yesterday when I gave her a Xmas card and she gave me one back. She gave Lizzie one too. I still can’t stand that girl though. Everything she does irritates me and all I want to do is punch the living daylights out of her whenever she comes near me!

Today was the Senior Citizens’ Xmas Party at school. They first years were doing it because Mr M (who organises it all) is their head of year but any college students who wanted to help out could. I did because I didn’t want to do Biology with Mrs P.

I think the party went okay. Rachael Hollins snogged Adrian Ford at one point (nobody knows why!) and I managed to drop a box full of mugs. There were about 30 of them and only 3 remained intact. Just my luck!

I did my CLAIT exam [some computer literacy thing] this afternoon. I passed the mock exam that I did last week but I don’t know about this one yet.

I was also graded at kickboxing tonight. It was pretty easy because all be had to do were the basic evasion and punching stuff. I passed so that means I am now a white belt. I doesn’t sound very impressive but I’m pretty pleased.


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