I turned round and told her to grow up – 10th December 1999

Friday 10th Even more trouble with Twisted Bitch Hayley today. I’d been having nasty, nasty looks off her all morning and then when Lizzie and I were talking about David Beckham getting banned from driving for a while, Hayley came out with, “They’re all a bunch of lying tossers!” for no apparent reason.

As Hayley was going out of the room, Lizzie turned to me and sort of asked what the hell Hayley’d been on about and then when we walked past Hayley, she said, “Oh Lizzie, if you’re going to bitch about me, at least do it to my face!”

I started shaking my head with a disapproving look (directed at Hayley, of course) and she said, “I don’t know why you’re giving me that look, Tess.” So I turned round and told her to grow up. That was a stupid thing to do (but I was wound up at the time) coz it gave her the perfect excuse to yell at me. She started saying how I was the one that needs to grow up (bollocks!) and how I’m doing exactly what ‘they’ (Lena, Lindsey Bullman, etc.) did to us a while back which I’d promised I wouldn’t do.

I just began telling her it was her own fault for not speaking to me constantly but she must have known it was coming and, not wanting to hear it, stormed off. She knows it’s her own fault that I don’t like her at all anymore but she just doesn’t want to hear it.

I found out from Zoe later that, after Hayley stormed off, she’d burst into tears. That will have been purely for sympathy purposes and to make me look like the bad one. The annoying thing is that some people actually take her on and believe every word she says.

Luckily though, some people (especially those who’ve been on the receiving end) know what she’s like. Emma’s been joining in slagging her off and again making me feel better about the situation by actually understanding how I’m feeling about all this (pretty pissed off!) and why.

Cat was saying how Hayley does tend to categorise people and I’m the unlucky one who’s ‘best mate’ (ha, yeah right!). Cat also thinks it’s about time she just let go and allowed us to just drift apart instead of being so possessive all the time.

The 2nd Xmas concert was tonight. I hung about in the back until we’d done Swing Band then went to The Coach and Horses pub with everyone. Nowt interesting happened really except there’s now tension between Suzanna and Gethin, and Suzanna and Emma for some reason.

Aled rode next to me on his bike when I was walking round to Mum’s school after school. I thought he’d just ride straight past coz I’ve not spoken to him for ages but as soon as he saw me he stopped, narrowly missing a collision with a car! He was just telling me about Oscar and his potential girlfriend and I was filling him in on the Lizzie-Brett situation.


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