Snotty little bleeders – 9th December 1999

Thursday 9th I went into Warrington with Lizzie today in search of a black skirt for partying in but all I got was a pair of gloves. We were also on the lookout for fit lads although there don’t seem to be many around! We did see Freddie Bevan and said hi.

Hayley wasn’t pleased about us going to town. I know because this morning I was talking to Rachael Hollins and she asked if I’d heard what Hayley had just said. Apparently she’d spoken obviously loudly for me to hear but I hadn’t so Rach told me she’d said, “Some people are going to town today without inviting other people.”

Bitch! Why shouldn’t I go to town without her when she’s such a cow to me all the time? She had lessons all day too and she knew I knew that. What is her problem?

It was the 1st night of the Xmas concerts at school tonight and Abby had her saxophone nicked. Mr P was really unsympathetic and Dad was really cross. He says he’s going into school tomorrow to speak to Mr C the headteacher because we shouldn’t have to pay for it seeing as instruments are meant to be safe in the room allocated for them. He also said he’d like to get his hands on “the snotty little bleeders who nicked it”. They wouldn’t stand a chance if he did!

I wish Hayley’d move schools. I shouldn’t let her bother me but it’s not nice knowing you’re constantly being slagged off by a twisted bitch like that. The thing is, she’s too soft to go anywhere out of the village so the chances of her pissing off and spreading her misery elsewhere are pretty low.


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