I’d rather be single over Xmas and the Millennium – 6th December 1999

Monday 6th I was right about Hayley. All she wanted to tell me was about this lad who fancied her at LA Bowl. Her version was that, just as she was going to do something about it, he left. Zoe’s version was that Hayley was being soft and scared about it even after he left. I think Zoe’s story’s more believable.

Those 2 have spent all day slagging each other off too. They’re not getting on well. Hayley thinks Zoe’s a slapper (I think it’s jealousy because Zoe has the guts to go for lads) and Zoe thinks Hayley’s just generally annoying (this is true but she probably also knows Hayley’s opinion of her and doesn’t like it).

Lizzie told me this morning that, she’s not sure, but Leon and Becki might be going out again. I’m not too bothered if they are because I think I’d rather be single over Xmas and the Millennium instead of tied down to one lad!

The story is that at swimming yesterday, Becki was whining on about how she really liked Leon but she told Lizzie that she just wanted to meet [snog] him (no commitment, just snogging every so often). Lizzie, having rather a large gob on her, let this slip to Damon who went and told Leon. Becki is now not very pleased with Lizzie. Apparently though, Brett and Damon were trying to put Leon off going back out with Becki. We’re not sure if they succeeded though.

Mrs C’s making each of us stand up in class tomorrow and teach everyone else parts of a Geography question. I hate doing things like that. I was seriously considering skiving until I remember it’s parents’ evening tomorrow night! Bugger!



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