Why do girls have to be so bitchy? – 5th December 1999

Sunday 5th Abby came home last night and told me that Ewan fancies her mate Alice. Well, it’s hardly a surprise really. For a start, he liked her last time I liked him and it’s also just my bloody luck!

I was listening to the radio before and it said that Cliff Richard’s ‘Millennium Prayer’ was still at number one in the charts. A lot of people have been laughing about that but my mum pointed out that it probably should be at no.1 because it’s a religious song and without religion there’d be no year 2000. She’s right. People (me included) seem to forget about when it was the years were counted from and if Jesus hadn’t been born, the Millennium wouldn’t be coming up.

I was on the phone to Rhian before and then was watching stuff on TV. During that time, Hayley rang my mobile about 8 times. I didn’t answer because it came up on the screen that it was her and I know what she wants to tell me about and I can’t be bothered with her.

You see, Zoe rang earlier and told me that, last night for Esther Trent’s birthday, she, Esther, Bridget and Hayley went bowling. Zoe snogged 2 lads and Hayley had an offer but didn’t take it. That last part’ll be what she wants to tell me.

I’ve had all this before when I didn’t go somewhere and she did and some lad wanted to meet [snog] her (but she didn’t) and she goes on + on + on + on + on about it, I presume to try and make me jealous. I just can’t be bothered risking speaking to her coz I’ll only get annoyed with the stupid girl and say something I shouldn’t and she’ll take it the wrong way and won’t speak to me. Mind you, she’ll probably be in a mood with me tomorrow because I didn’t answer the phone or ring her back. She never thinks that maybe I didn’t hear it ring or anything,although, in this case, she’d be right to think I was ignoring the calls!

Rhian’s still having trouble with her “friend” Laura Morgan. Laura won’t speak to her, Rhian thinks because she’s just fed up of her but she’s give the excuse that Rhian deliberately wears tight tops to show off her rather large top half to get attention from lads, which she does. Sounds to me like rather a large touch of jealously.

Why do girls have to be so bitchy? I can’t really complain coz I’ve had my moments too but we all have it in us to control ourselves and we should do so.


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