I don’t do honeymonsters! – 30th November 1999

Tuesday 30th I had a slightly better school day today. Zoe’s speaking to me again and by 3rd lesson so was Hayley but I still can’t stand the girl so when I got home I drew this: ↓


It made me feel much better!

She was still being a bitch 1st thing, for example I tried to talk to her but she gave the childish comment of, “I think I just heard some sort of murmur.” Oh, grow up!

Freda also informed me after school that I was being discussed in their R.E. lesson this afternoon but that might just have been Freda trying to stir things.

I had a message on my phone from Lizzie this evening containing bad news. It said, “JUST SPOKE TO BRETT + HE SAID THAT JODIE HAD TOLD LEON SHE STILL LIKES HIM. DON’T GET IT. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND ALREADY.”

Yet again I got my hopes up that I might be back in with a chance with Leon, only to hear this. Just my bloody luck!

Zoe phoned before and told me she’d spoken to Reevesy. He says he still likes me. Yuk, yuk, yuk!!! I don’t do honeymonsters! Lads cause way too much trouble!


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