HE’S 2-FACED + BIG FACED – 24th November 1999

Wednesday 24th Lizzie sent Leon a message today saying, “WILL YOU GO OUT WITH TESS? SHE’S TOO SCARED TO ASK YOU HERSELF.” I couldn’t stop her sending it and I considered sending one myself saying that I had nowt to do with it but Cat convinced me to leave it until I got an answer.

Then during Biology, I got a message from Brett saying, “LEON SAID HE DEFINITELY WON’T GO OUT WITH BECKS.” That cheered me up a bit until I realised there was probably a ‘but’ which wasn’t included in that statement e.g. “but he doesn’t want to go out with you either”. (I’m such a negative person really, aren’t I?!)

So, I sent this to Brett: “I HAD NOWT TO DO WITH THAT MESSAGE LIZZIE SENT LEON BY THE WAY. I COULDN’T STOP HER SENDING IT.” That was just so they didn’t think I was obsessing over Leon and made Lizzie send that message or something.

I was learning defensive moves such as head blocks and body blocks at kickboxing tonight. My names gone down for being graded in 3 weeks for my white belt too.

As soon as I got home, I checked my phone and I was surprised, to say the least, to find I had a message from Becki (that’s how people seem to be spelling it). It said, “LEON’S A TOTAL FREAK HE’S CHATTING BOTH OF US UP. HE’S 2-FACED + BIG FACED WHAT A DICK. C YA BEC (THE BITCHY X).”

It quite amused me actually! I’m not sure what was the reason behind her sending it (such as to put me off Leon) but it made me laugh. The thing is, she’s probably right!

This evening I have actually found myself gradually losing interest and caring less about what happens with Leon. I’m sure I’ll have changed back to really liking him again once I’ve seen him though.

I just remembered something funny that happened on Monday morning. Before school, we had a phone call from Percy and Marjorie next door saying they were locked in their bedroom because they’d been decorating and had taken the door handles off, forgotten and had shut the door. So my mum had to pass then a screwdriver on a pole from my bedroom window to theirs so they could try and get out. They did and we discovered why their son hadn’t helped them. He’d only done the same thing!! I think they were a bit embarrassed about it actually!


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