What the hell do I do??! – 22nd November 1999

Monday 22nd I was wrong about the Zoe-Reevesy break up. He was the one who did the dumping. He didn’t give a proper reason so we all suspect that he was expecting her to dump him so he got in there first to save himself humiliation. Loads of people have sent him text messages telling him he’s daft dumping her, that she’s really upset and doesn’t understand why. This was Zoe’s idea because she is now determined to get back with him.

Meanwhile, I have even more concerns about how much longer this me and Leon thing’s going to last. I fear I’m heading for disappointment since Lizzie sent me a message, part of which said, “DO YOU WANT ME TO ASK LEON ANYTHING TONIGHT? BRETT RUNG + SAID BECKY SENT LEON MESSAGES SAYING SHE STILL LIKES HIM. WHAT R U GOIN TO DO?”

I think swimming must be going on tonight so that’ll give Becky a chance to speak to Leon. What if he decides to go back out with her? I’ll be so gutted! I really do like him.

I sent Lizzie a message back saying, “THERE’S NOWT I WANT U 2 ASK LEON REALLY + THERE’S NOT MUCH I CAN DO ABOUT BECKY. CAN’T SAY I’M PLEASED BUT IT’S UP 2 HIM WHAT HE DOES.” I didn’t want to say too much just in case Lizzie showed Leon the message. That’s also why I added that I wasn’t too pleased, just so he knows I am still interested without sounding like an obsessive stalker type! I hope she updates me soon. I can’t stand not knowing what’s going on.

As for Brett’s question on Lizzie’s virginity, well, she told him she hadn’t lost it and told me she didn’t intend to lose it to him. Wise choice, girl! He hasn’t asked any further questions on the subject to my knowledge.

Oh no!! I’ve just gained a new problem!

After school, I sent Reevesy a message (under orders from Zoe!) saying, “ZOE TOLD ME WHAT’S HAPPENED BUT SHE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHY. SHE STILL REALLY LIKES U. SO WHY DID U DUMP HER THEN??” Then this evening I got a message back from Reevesy saying, “IF U WANT THE REASON RING ME 2***29. REEVESY”.

I had my suspicions as to what ‘the reason’ was but I replied, “HAVE U LET ZOE KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS YET? JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH A REASON PLEASE.”

My suspicions were then backed up with his reply which said, “I CAN’T I NEED TO TALK WITH U. PLEASE PHONE 2***29”. I lied and said, “NO, DAD’S ON HOME PHONE, ONLY ABOUT 50p CREDIT LEFT ON THIS. JUST SEND A MESSAGE. I CAN DELETE IT.”

Instead, he phoned me and confirmed my suspicions. The conversation went something along these lines:-

Reevesy – Hi, it’s Reevesy.
Me – Oh right, hi. Come on, what’s this reason then?
R – You’ve got to promise not to tell Zoe or anyone.
Me – Right, just say it.
R – Okay. Are you seeing anyone?
Me – Well, erm… no, not exactly. Why?
R – Well, promise you won’t say anything.
Me – Okay!
R – It’s just, well, I really like you.
Me – Oh no! Just don’t go there!
R – Sorry! Please don’t tell Zoe.
Me – This isn’t fair.
R – I know, I’m sorry.
Me – It’s just that I really like Leon and Zoe really likes you.
R – I kind of expected that you liked Leon.
Me – Yeah, I’m sorry.
R – It’s okay. I was expecting it really.
Me – Okay, well thanks for telling me. (Dunno why I said that. Didn’t mean it!!)
R – Right, sorry, bye.

This is bad! If I tell Zoe she’ll get mad with Reevesy and possibly me if she’s feeling unreasonable, and Leon might find out and get pissed off and paranoid that’ll I’ll go off with Reevesy (yeah right!). If I don’t tell Zoe, it could be worse later on if she finds out I know because then she’ll be très pissed off!!

What the hell do I do??! I need to speak to someone about this (other than Abby) who knows Zoe. I think Sarah’s the best candidate. I really want to tell Lizzie but she’s got a big gob on her!

Speaking of Lizzie… she’s just filled me in. She didn’t see Leon because he was playing water polo but she sent him a message asking if he liked me, telling him I liked him and asking if he’s going to ask me out. I hope he does!!


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