My coat smells of Leon – 19th November 1999

Friday 19th Stuff’s happened during the day but I can’t remember what. This evening seems to have blanked it all out. I went to LA Bowl with Leon, Brett, Lizzie, Reevsy and Chris G (the little one who was at Vicky Park bonfire). I’ve not liked anyone as much as I like Leon for ages. He gives me that weird but nice twisting feeling in my stomach when I’m with him.

Leon didn’t actually speak to me much when we first arrived but then the lights went down and music went up and he spoke to me around then. He was on my team for bowling so he sat on the seat next to me. It took him a while (and half a pint) before he made a move. He started just by resting his hand next to my leg on the seat but then moved and rested it on my leg instead. It was my turn to bowl so I had to stand up but then I came back he grabbed my hand. We just held hands most of the night until we had to go home.

We were walking out of the bar (he bought me a Bacardi Breezer) and I think he thought along the ‘now or never’ lines and he stopped me walking and just kissed me. He is such a nice kisser! All the bar staff were staring at us but I didn’t care! He slid one hand down my back and rested in on my bum. I didn’t mind.  I met [snogged] twice in the bar and then a third time as Lizzie’s dad arrived and we had to go. I didn’t want to leave him but everyone was telling me to hurry up!

I really can’t describe how much I like him. I just wish he’d ask me out again because I’d say yes this time instead of not giving an answer.

I found out his birthday’s on 1st March. I can’t stop bloody thinking about the lad! I can’t concentrate on anything!

Zoe’s not sure she likes Reevesy anymore. She told me she fancied Brett tonight. That’s definitely not a wise thing to do!


P.S. I just remembered that today I was worrying out loud about Becky wanting to get back with Leon and Zoe told me that Reevsey said I needn’t worry because Leon really likes me now.

Also, one side of my coat smells of Leon from last night. It’s really nice!

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