His kissing seems to have improved – 18th November 1999

Thursday 18th Panic over! That message wasn’t from Leon. Damon had been messing with his phone and typed in “I LOVE YOU” and sent it. I’m so relieved!

Bad news on the Becky front though. She still likes Leon and is wishing she hadn’t dumped him. If he still likes her too he could decide to go back out with her and to sod me. I hope he doesn’t.

Brett was going to get Leon to phone me at lunch so I switch my mobile off until I knew they’d be in lessons because I thought it might have been a bit awkward.

I found out from Lizzie today that Chris lives with Leon and his parents because his mum (Leon’s sister) was murdered. That’s awful! I think it happened a while ago but it’s a horrible thing to have happened!

I was wetting myself all day about going to the cinema with Lizzie, Brett and Leon this evening but I actually really enjoyed it. It wasn’t awkward at all like I thought it would be because Lizzie have me the impression that Leon was really shy and also that he wouldn’t make the 1st move but he did.

We went to see ‘East is East’ and the bits I saw were quite good! Before the film started, the lads asked me if I’d switched my phone off at lunch coz Lee’d tried to phone. Brett said Leon was dead upset but I think he was joking.

Pretty soon after the film began, Leon surprised me by putting his arm round me and holding my hand. It surprised me because Lizzie’d told me that, with Becky, it’d taken half the film before he put his arm round her and he only snogged her once after the film.

Soon after he did that, we met [snogged] each other. We did so about 10 times (I lost count!) and, I have to say, his kissing seems to have improved since the party and he wasn’t bad then either. He must have been practicing on someone (I hope not!) or something! He’s a really nice kisser and I really, really like him. If he asked me out again I’d say yes but I don’t think he will.

Even though it was freezing outside, we walked to McDonald’s to get food and to be picked up by parents. While we were there, Lizzie was going through messages on Brett’s phone. One was from Becky and it said summit like, “I S’POSE LEON FANCIES TESS NOW SO I’VE MISSED MY CHANCE”. Leon’s seen it but I don’t know what he’s going to do about it. He’ll have to make a decision between me and her. I’d hate being in that situation.

I really do like him but I bet he ends up getting back with her. I think she goes to his school so she’ll see him more often than me and she swims with him too. They were going out for about 2 months apparently so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for me.


P.S. I’ve just realised that Leon bought my cinema ticket. That’s so nice of him. He offered to buy me a McDonald’s too.

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