Slight overload on the kisses – 17th November 1999

Wednesday 17th I showed quite a few people Leon’s message and it got a mixed reaction. Some people thought it was sweet but my fellow admirees (Zoe and Lizzie who’ve had their lads say ‘I love you’ to them) understood why I was slightly freaked by it. We’ve drawn the conclusion that summit’s been put in the water at their school and it’s having serious effects on their hormones!!

Lizzie told Brett about it at lunch but he hadn’t known anything about it. I hope they don’t skit Leon for it or anything and I don’t want him to think I’ve been taking the piss either. Lizzie mentioned it freaked me out at bit too.

I had other messages from or involving Leon today. One was from Brett saying, “TES, WOT IS YOUR HOME PHONE NO, LEON WANTS IT”. I sent one back saying to tell him to ring my mobile instead. It’s just because I don’t want to have to explain to my parents who Leon is and I don’t want to lie either. It’d also be more awkward on the phone whereas on a mobile you can pretend they’re breaking up if you come to an awkward silence and can go!

I got another message from Leon in answer to my question of, “Do you know what’s going on tomorrow?” He said, “NO I DON’T, I THINK WE’RE MEETING OUTSIDE AT QUARTER PAST 6 LUV LEON xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” Slight overload on the kisses but that, I thought, was sweet.

Lizzie was trying to explain Leon’s family to me in Biology but I didn’t quite understand some of it. I got that Leon’s nephew is Chris (who was at the Trafford Centre that time) and Chris is only a year younger than him. She also told me that Leon lives near Warrington Hospital and that he used to model for Joe Bloggs when he was little.


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