I called him ‘The Honeymonster’ – 15th November 1999

Monday 15th I’ve not had a good day today really. The main fault was with Zoe. She fell out with me because of things I’ve said about Reevesy. Here’s the list:-

  1. I’ve called him ‘The Honeymonster’ too many times and too many other people have caught onto it.
  2. I’ve been slagging him off in front of her and other people.
  3. I’ve been telling people that if I’d have met [snogged] him on Bonfire Night then he wouldn’t be with her.

(I apologise for the various spellings of Reevesey/Reevesy/Reevsey/Reevsy/whatever!)

She confronted me about it upstairs in college and other people (mainly Freda) began to join in. It got off the subject of Reevsey and Freda started on how I was jealous because Zoe had someone and how I fancied Aled but I couldn’t have him. I don’t know where that crap came from but someone did point out that there was Leon.

Later on this evening, Zoe phoned me. I was quite glad really because I could try and give my side without other people butting in. My explanations were:-

  1. I called him ‘The Honeymonster’ because of his messages on my phone asking if Zoe liked honey. I apologised for carrying it on too long.
  2. Can’t remember slagging him off but I did do a bit of piss-taking which I didn’t mean anything by. Apologised for that too.
  3. Bollocks! I never said that to the people who’d told her I said that (Freda, Hayley and Aled apparently). Told her that what could’ve happened was that they twisted my words from when I said Brett asked if I’d go with [snog] Reevsy but I said no then he went for Zoe. Told her I didn’t mean it how it sounded. Apologised.

She seemed to forgive me but it depends now on what others say to her tomorrow. She told me it was so hard not speaking to me because I kept talking at her! She admitted she found the ‘Honeymonster’ thing amusing to begin with until others caught onto it. She told me that it wasn’t just me pissing her off, it was quite a few others too. I hope she doesn’t fall out with me again.

I got told by Oscar today that, at the party, Hayley’d been saying that “Lizzie is stealing Tess from me”. Stupid possessive little cow! That’s not on. I also got told by Sarah that, today, Hayley’d been saying (in a nasty way) how it was so obvious I fancy Aled. Bitch!

Nowt’s happened with Leon yet either. Lizzie spoke to Brett at lunch but Leon wasn’t around. Brett said that Leon really likes me. I want to know what he’s said! I might be going out on Thursday with Lizzie, Brett and Leon but nothing’s definite.

Lizzie told me that his full name is Leon Christopher Farrell (she thinks!) and she confirmed my suspicion that he’s only 16. Never mind, shouldn’t matter.


P.S. Beginning to go off Aled – too much hassle! Not fair really.

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