I just like Aled so much – 14th November 1999

Sunday 14th I’ve just watched ‘All the King’s Men’ on TV this evening. It really upset me. TV programmes don’t normally have that effect on me because I can convince myself that they’re not real and they’re only acting. With this it was different because wars like that really did happen and so many people were killed.

I didn’t buy a poppy this year because I never had any change. I feel terrible. I should have made the effort to find some money for it but I just never got round to it.

Lizzie phoned earlier asking me if I could go to the cinema with her, Brett and Leon. I said I had to do a Geography essay (which was actually true) and that I’d lost my mobile. She didn’t actually mention Leon asking me out. I’m not sure she knows. She said Brett had sent me a message last night but that was all. She said they talked about me using the codename ‘Tesco’ in front of Becky (Leon’s ex) but Lizzie said she told her that she’d done worse things to Leon before.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to say. I just like Aled so much.


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