Talking and snogging a lot! – 12th & 13th November 1999

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th I got to school on Friday morning and got given a pile of cards and a couple of presents. Julian got me a Mars bar because that’s what I’ve been telling everyone I’m getting them for Xmas!

Everyone in school knew it was my birthday because there was “Happy 17th Tess” pinned up in the toilet window. I didn’t really mind though. Nobody did anything horrible to me either which was good.

The party last night was brilliant! I went round to Sarah’s house with Lizzie to get changed and so we could arrive together. When we did get to Freda’s, I got more presents and cards and people kept telling me how nice I looked. (I dressed up a bit and was wearing my hair down.) Gethin came into the hall, saw me and Lizzie and said, “You two scrub up well. You both look really pretty.” That put me in a good mood.

Quite a lot of people had turned up by 9:00 pm and I was getting more compliments. Suzanna said my hair looked really nice, Emma kept saying I looked really pretty and Ewan Swann agreed. It was great!

Freddie Bevan turned up at one point. It was so nice to see him because I used to be really good mates with him when he was going out with Emma but then he didn’t come to our college so I’ve not seen him for ages.

Brett eventually arrived with Reevesy, Leon and another lad called Ste who Hayley took a liking to. I got cards of Brett and Leon and then they went and sat on the wall in the garden. I eventually went and joined them with Hayley because Lizzie and Zoe were out there too. Hayley went and sat with Ste (who by now knew she was interested) so I sat on the wall next to Leon.

I was just talking to Brett and Lizzie mostly. They knew I thought Leon was alright but because I was a bit drunk, I didn’t care. Leon and I ended up sitting really close together and holding hands. I realised it was going the same way as it had with Aled and Nathan so I was half expecting that I’d end up meeting [snogging] him. I did soon after. We were sat outside on the wall for ages after everyone had gone inside, just talking and snogging a lot!

We went inside too when Leon needed the toilet so I had to show him where it was. We went in the living room after that with Brett + Lizzie, Zoe + Reevesy and Hayley + Ste (who’d also met [snogged] each other but this time). We just sat on the sofa until 2:30 am, continuing what we’d been doing outside.

Zoe and Hayley had gone home earlier so Reevesy and Ste were moaning. The Mariah Carey ‘Heartbreaker’ song came on and set Reevesy off saying, “This song just fits with this party” and stuff.

People kept either coming in and switching the light on or making us laugh. If they hadn’t, I think Leon and I would have just kept kissing continuously! His hands kept wandering to my top and over my legs and stuff so it was a good job it was dark most of the time!

Lizzie and I walked them to the The Smithy pub where they were being picked up by Brett’s mum. Leon and I carried on kissing, leaning on the pub until their lift arrived and we had to leave each other. Lizzie told me on the way back to Freda’s as I was straightening my top up that Leon’s ex, Becky, had always said he was a bit of a ‘feeler’. Lizzie also said that Leon’d probably talk about the part at their swimming presentation evening tonight so she’ll fill me in on what he says.

Between meeting each other, we did talk a bit. His voice really reminds me of someone else but I can’t think who it is. I found out that he’s called Leon Farrell, he’s got 3 older sisters, he works for some plumber his dad knows and he supports Liverpool (bad!). I didn’t ask him how old he was because I’ve got a feeling he’s only 16 and I didn’t want my suspicions confirmed. He also told me that he doesn’t care about Becky anymore but I don’t believe him.

Other stuff happened at the party too…

  • Sarah met [snogged] Gethin. I can’t believe that. I was convinced he’s gay! I mean, he might well be but he said he really likes Sarah.
  • Emma’s now going out with Adrian Ford after they both told me they liked each other and I told them both to just go for it.
  • Freda met the 18 year old brother of Maggie Ridley called Adam and he gave her his number this morning.

I think that’s about it.

I slept most of today but woke up just in time to watch the England v Scotland match. I think I’ll go back to bed again soon.

Oh yeah, Karen was saying this morning that Ferny was flying a plane over the sea and a bird got caught up in it so he had to eject himself and was in the water for 6 hours. She says he’s got hypothermia which is why he’s not been in college.

Oh my God!! It’s now 8:00 pm and I’ve just got a message on my phone from Brett’s mobile saying, “Lee wants to know will u go out with him? Come out tomorrow with me and Lizzie.” What do I say? I really don’t know if I want to or not.

I just can’t decide but I’m going to have to give an answer soon. I like Leon but it’ll be dead awkward whenever I see him if he’s as shy as everyone says he is.

Okay, truth now… I really like Aled too and if I go out with Leon, I can’t have a sequel to Aled’s gathering and I want one.

I like being single too – no commitment to anyone. If I say yes then I could be with him for ages and I could miss out on other lads which I don’t want to do.

Oh, this isn’t good! I really have no idea what to say. I need to speak to Lizzie but she’s at her presentation evening for swimming with Brett and Leon and people.

Oh shit! I don’t like being in this situation at all.

I’ve just been watching that ‘Music of the Millennium’ on Channel 4 and Travis came on. Their lead singer really has got a look of Nathan about him.


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