Fit, fit, fit!!! – 10th-11th November 1999

Wednesday 10th I had a better day today, although Aled’s still not wanted at the party. Freda was being more friendly towards me today and so was Zoe.

I didn’t see much of Aled at all today. I saw quite a bit of Trotter though. Fit, fit, fit!!!

Kickboxing was all about using elbows tonight. I think I could be quite dangerous now if I wanted to be! We did a push kick as well tonight. While practicing, the gorgeous Rob the instructor came over to Evie and said, “If there was a colour to describe that kick, it’d be pink!” I thought that was quite good!

Oh yeah, Gethin was pretty much back to normal with me too. Back to hugging me and stuff all the time. I’ve been informed he fancies Suzanna now which could get interesting because she’s coming on Friday.


Thursday 11th It was Poppy’s birthday today and Cat and Freda put a big sign saying Happy 17th Poppy on it. I am now beginning to dread tomorrow! Freda also has a lot of bad photos of me and she has the power to enlarge them too!

Freda was in a pissed off mood today. She was being really moody and gave Sarah a long list of people who are pissing her off. Sarah says I’m wrong but I have a strong feeling I’m one of them.

Lizzie told me today that Brett’s mate and her swimming acquaintance, Leon, has split up with his girlfriend. She dumped him by letter last night on holiday. Although he’s probably thoroughly miserable, I’m not because he’s one of Brett’s better looking friends and could possibly be coming to the party. Lizzie said he’s a bit shy thought. Mind you, everyone said that about Nathan too.

Aled’s so stupid! I think he wants to come to the party but he’s being a bastard towards Freda because he knows he’s not wanted there. I’ve told him he’d better try and be nice to her tomorrow but I won’t get my hopes up.

He said to me today, “You look well nicer with your hair down.” I think I might wear it down to the part now – just in case!


P.S. This is my last day of being 16. At 12:14 am tomorrow, I’ll be be 17. Just thought I’d point that out!

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