I had images of him being paralysed in a gutter – 7th & 8th November 1999

Sunday 7th I went to see The Blair Witch Project this evening with Cat, Lizzie, Oscar and Aled. It was realistic but had a disappointing ending. It was still quite good though.

Uncle R and Auntie M were on TV this morning. There was a section on Countryfile about the Orkneys and they were talking on it. They didn’t phone to tell us or anything. We wouldn’t have seen it if Dad wasn’t stuck in the chair with a bad back!

Hayley phoned today. I told her what’d been going on here but she was too full of Florida to care much. She’ll probably have more to say about the Aled situation tomorrow when she’s spoken to Sarah and people.

I’ve got a bad feeling about tomorrow. As well as Hayley getting back, I’ve lost my Geography textbook. Mrs C was saying last lesson (when nobody brought their books!) that if anyone failed to bring it to her next lesson then they’d be in serious trouble. Oh yeah, I’ll look forward to that all day!

Freda has now decided once and for all that the lads aren’t staying all night on Friday. That’s not good. Aled’s decided he is going to hockey now and that means he won’t get there until about 11:30pm. He’ll get there and he’ll have to go straight home again. That means I won’t be getting very far with him. 😦 I’m pissed off!


P.S. Aled’s actually bought a coat! He’s been going round in short sleeves all the time because he’s too stingy to buy a coat but his dad’s got him one. He looks very nice in it and all. It’s a blue Adidas fleece with a yellow collar.

Monday 8th Mrs C didn’t bother about the textbook and it turned out it was in school anyway.

I didn’t see much of Hayley today but she gave me my present from Florida – a pen. Oh yeah, and a Mickey Mouse-shaped lolly.

Aled’s decided he’s not going to the party at all. I’m really disappointed. He said it’s not worth it coz the lads have got to be out by midnight. He was looking really nice today in his fleece and pretty similar t-shirt. That made it worse because I really like him now.

I think that’s it for today. My brain’s not been working properly because I only got about 3 hours sleep last night. Mollie the dog woke me up wanting a back scratch, Dad wasn’t in so I had images of him being paralysed in a gutter somewhere because of his back on the way home from the pub, and then I kept thinking about that bloody film I saw yesterday!


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