I’ve hired Cat as my bodyguard – 1st-4th November 1999

Monday 1st I had to go back to college today after half term. I saw Trotter again for the first time in ages and he’s still as gorgeous as ever.

Most people know about Nathan and Aled now. Davis said Nathan said, “Hi”. Ed found out about Aled and was telling me to say it wasn’t true and stuff. Lizzie told him. We’ve agreed we’re even now after I told Aled about Brett and now she’s said that to Ed.

Aled was being nice to me again today. When Oscar was telling him I’d said that if I was going out with someone, I’d dump them before Xmas so I didn’t have to buy them a present, Aled then said, “Oh, I’ve always said that!” Hmmm, to be honest, I’m not so sure he has because Oscar couldn’t confirm it.


P.S. I got this postcard from Freda this morning. It’s a bit late arriving because she got back last Wednesday!


Tuesday 2nd Freda said she might have a party at her house on my birthday, using both my birthday and Poppy’s birthday as the excuse. Aled’s got ice hockey on Fridays so he was whinging and trying to get it changed to Saturday because he wants to come. It’s not even confirmed it’s happening because Freda hasn’t asked her parents.

To be honest, I feel a bit guilty about this because it’s hardly fair we use her house. I mean, she genuinely doesn’t seem to mind though. It’s just any excuse for a party with her.

I got another postcard this morning, this time from Hayley.


I’m quite worried already about what Hayley’s reaction to the Aled situation’s going to be. I know I really shouldn’t be but it’s likely she’ll twist it in some way, especially if this party goes ahead and we get together again.

However much of a cow she’s been recently, I would kind of like to be able to talk to her bout all this. I think I could also possibly trust her to tell all the Nathan details too because I really want to tell someone.

I’m worried about Dad. He’s really hurt his back again. He was in loads of pain tonight and could hardly walk. I didn’t like seeing him like that so I had to go in another room. Mum’s taking him to the doctor tomorrow morning so hopefully he’ll do something for it.


Thursday 4th Aled decided today that he might just skip hockey altogether so he can come to Freda’s party. I hope he does. It sounds like loads of people are going now. More than usual. I don’t know if they’re all staying though.

I’ve hired Cat as my bodyguard against Freda and Cat’s hired me to control her intake of alcohol! She doesn’t want a repeat of the Chris Kelly-Banks situation and Freda is pretending to be a lesbian again. She’s kept it going too long now. It was quite funny to start with but she’s just getting on my nerves now.


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