“I can think of a way to warm them up” – 31st October 1999

Sunday 31st I remembered something else that Nathan said the other night. I was complaining that my hands were cold and he said, “I can think of a way to warm them up but I won’t say it!”

Lizzie told me that he used to be quiet too. It must have definitely been the alcohol. I’ve been dying to tell someone the details but I can’t find the right person who I can trust.

I had my hair cut by a couple of inches, layered and highlighted this afternoon at the hairdressers. I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turned out. It’ll be a complete state again by tomorrow though.

Lizzie, Cat, Karen, Oscar, Aled and I went to the cinema this evening, intending to see The Blair Witch Project but it was sold out all night. We went to see Mad Cows instead. It was on okay film but nowt happened between Aled and I which I’m a bit disappointed about. He noticed my hair was different though!


P.S. On the way to and way back from the hairdressers, I saw one of the fit lads from kickboxing who spoke to us on Wednesday. He must live nearby because today I saw him on his bike and he walked away from the leisure centre on Wednesday.

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