My heart raced, my hands sweated and I couldn’t stop smiling – 27th October 1999

Wednesday 27th I went to the Trafford Centre with Lizzie today and I finally got to see Brett. Oscar was also around somewhere but we didn’t see him. Lizzie and I just wandered round the shops and I got a message on my phone saying that Brett was there with his mate Leon.

We rang Brett’s mobile and met up with him and Leon. Leon was alright looking (but he’s got a girlfriend) but Brett was pretty minging. He’s quite a nice lad personality-wise but he’s quite short, chubby and spotty and reminded me a bit of Tyrone out of Coronation Street.

We all wandered round a bit longer and then Leon got a call on his mobile from Damon, Amir and Cam (his swimming mates) telling him to meet them in the arcade bit. They were all minging too. Damon’s a fat bastard, Amir’s a lanky, spotty lad and Cam has got goofy teeth and is also a bit on the chunky side of things.

The lads finally went home and Lizzie and I sat down and ate a sandwich from FT5K. Then from above us we heard all this whistling and shouting and a cleaner came up to our table and told us some lads wanted us. We turned round and looked up and some lad was asking us to meet [snog] his mate. (Minging again!) To start with he wouldn’t take no for an answer but eventually went when we said Lizzie’s boyfriend was around somewhere.

When I got home my dad said Oscar had phoned twice so I rang him back. He said he’d had an awful day. He’d gone to the Trafford Centre with his mum and brother and separated from them to look for us. We hadn’t even arrived. He then lost his mum and bro so he tried to ring my mobile but got the Vodafone answering service woman. He left a message telling us to meet him somewhere but, because I didn’t get it, I didn’t meet him so he was stood waiting for ages. He said he tried to phone again but got the Vodafone woman again. He said he even considered putting out an announcement over the speaker things.

I think it’s a good job we didn’t see him really because he said he was so pissed off he’d probably have just thumped Brett as soon as he saw him.

We then got onto the subject of Xmas presents. He was asking what the hell he should buy Lizzie and I was asking what the hell you buy lads in general. Neither of us had an answer. He said I’ve got to tell Lizzie that, for his Xmas present from her, he wants her to wrap herself up and go back to him with a card saying she’d dumped Brett.

When Oscar’d gone, the phone rang again. This time it was Gethin wanting Davis’s phone number. I don’t think I’ve got it so I just asked him why. He said that Davis is having a party because his parents are going away. I don’t think he realised I hadn’t been invited. He said I should just go anyway. He asked me what I’d been doing and I told him not much. He then asked me if I’d been out with Oscar and ‘Maggotboy’ (Aled) and I kind of laughed. He then suspected something was going on with Aled but I changed the subject quickly.

Then when Gethin’d gone, the phone rang again. It was Aled. My heart raced, my hands sweated and I couldn’t stop smiling. He wanted to know if I could go to town on Saturday with a group of us. I didn’t give a definite answer. I then told him about Brett which was probably a mistake because he’ll say something to Lizzie and then she’ll kill me.

Then he started going on about getting back from town (if I go) and seemed concerned about me going to my village in a taxi on my own. It seemed to keep him happy when I suggested I could stay at Lizzie’s, although that’s unlikely to happen.

I went kickboxing again tonight. I love it so far. Tonight I learned how to do left jab, right cross and left uppercut punches and a round kick. It’s great. Tonight there was Abby, Julia, Evie, Sadie and I. On the way out these two fit lads (one of which is S. Rowley – I heard someone read it out) asked us if we’d enjoyed it. They’d probably noticed us staring at them!

When I got in afterwards, Mum said Emma’d phoned twice. I rang her back and she said Davis had told her to invite me to his party tomorrow. I said I’d go. Suzanna’s boyfriend’s giving us a lift and is charging £2.50 each. I might do that when I can drive!

I’m not sure I want to go tomorrow. I’ve not spoken to Emma, Davis etc. for quite a while and it’s an all-nighter which means I’ll be knackered on Friday which I don’t really want to be. I’ll probably still go though. [I wish I hadn’t gone so that I didn’t have to type up the diary entry for it!]


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