She was his lobster – 25th October 1999

Monday 25th I went into Warrington with Zoe today because she wanted some shoes. We stopped off at McDonald’s for lunch and Oscar was working there so he talked to us for a bit and told me what Aled had said about waking up, seeing me on his bed and thinking, “Yeah!”. He then started saying how we should do something tomorrow but had to go so he said to phone him this evening.

He ended up on the 4:40pm bus home with us and I gave him my phone number and my mobile number so he could ring me. I also gave him Brett’s mobile number because he’d been going on about how he wanted it for future reference (e.g. for prank calls!).

We talked a lot on the way home. I said mostly about how I felt really guilty about Sarah and Oscar told me he reckoned Aled and I should get together. Then Oscar went on about how he really liked Lizzie and stuff and how she was his lobster (he got that off Friends!) and how he wanted to meet Brett and then burst him with a pin. Zoe kept pretty quiet for once!

This evening, Oscar rang and we decided to just get the bus into Warrington and decide where to go from there. Then we just talked about Lizzie + him and me + Aled. He says he’ll find out if Aled likes me or not. He might be coming tomorrow and all. That could be very awkward but I can’t decide if it actually will be or not.

I’m scared now as well as confused! I really don’t know what to expect.


P.S. Keely Wade who I used to be best mates with in primary school won £10,000 this morning on Key 103’s Fiver Fever thing. How lucky is she?!

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