“Man, I feel like a woman” – 29th & 30th September 1999

Wednesday 29th Freda brought her bloody photos in again today. I think she’s doing it deliberately to embarrass people. Even Oscar’s little brother (he’s in Year 7) has seen them.

Aled and Julian nearly gave me a heart attack on my way home. I knew they were walking behind me somewhere but I didn’t expect them to be right behind me so when they yelled, “Wicked Bitch of the West!” I nearly choked on my bloody lolly! Of course, Aled found this rather amusing and called me dizzy too because he said they’d been shouting “Tessa!” for ages. I’d been miles away as usual. I always get into deep thought on my way home and them making me jump like that brought me crashing back down to earth.

The Wicked Bitch of the West thing was Julian’s idea. He’s been calling me that for a while now because I’ve been taking the piss out of him a bit about Kala L and stuff. Lizzie’s the Wicked Bitch of the East because she does the same. Sad boy! I’m not really bothered though, I thought it was quite funny but it’s worn off a bit now.

Also on my way home, this red, old Ford Fiesta drove past. It beeped from behind me and then I saw there were 3 lads in it, one of which was hanging out of the passenger window shouting something at me which I couldn’t hear. It kind of reminded me of certain parts of our holiday in Wick this year,

Just before I reached home I saw the same car back out of next door’s driveway. They went back towards school and one lad stuck his tongue out at me. They must be mates with the lad next door. I don’t think they saw where I lived.


Thursday 30th I found out Patrick Campbell complimented me the other week. Hayley said at lunch that she thought he liked me because when she told him she wasn’t speaking to me, he asked why and said I had lovely eyes. He said that in Belgium too.

Oscar made me laugh today. He didn’t mean to though. He was sat on a table behind me at break and suddenly I heard him sing, “Man, I feel like a woman”. It completely cracked me up. He just had that Shania Twain song stuck in his head. I don’t think he thought about what words he was actually singing!

I saw quite a bit of Trotter today. I also found out off a sheet on the noticeboard that his birthday is 8th July 1982. It was mostly in my last free period that I saw him. I went in the downstairs common room and he was in there. Zoe said he kept looking over and he was watching me as I went out of the room. He went off with his mates at one point and came back eating a Chupa Chups lolly like the ones I’ve been constantly eating. I really do like him. Quite a few people agree with me that he’s quite nice looking. I wish he really did like me too.

I also still quite like Aled. He was on his own in the last free period so I was going from the upstairs common room to the downstairs pool room (common room). He just sat and talked to me about complete rubbish as usual. I was talking about how I seemed to attract freaks at one point and, as I was walking out of the room, Zoe said, “That includes you, Aled!” His response was, “I’m not a freak!” Zoe then pointed out that he didn’t actually deny he liked me.

Later on, Rani came up and saw Aled and I sat talking. She started saying stuff like, “Why don’t you two just go out? It’s so obvious you like each other. You might as well. Just ask her out.” It shut us both up. It was so embarrassing. Stupid cow!

Later still, I said I was off home but he told me to wait and walk with him and Julian. I did.


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