I don’t understand that girl! – 27th & 28th September 1999

Monday 27th I think Hayley’s speaking to me again. I didn’t see her much today but this evening I switched my phone on and I had a text message from her saying: “HI JUST SAYING HI. R U OK?” [All texts were in capital letters in 1999, apparently.] I thought she might have just sent it to the wrong number so I sent her one back saying: “HI ERM… DID U MEAN TO SEND ME A MESSAGE B4?? FROM TESSA”. Later on I got another from her saying: “YEP I MEANT 2!” I sent her another one back saying I wasn’t sure and that I was okay or something.

I don’t understand that girl! I actually think it’s going to be more hassle if she is speaking to me because it means I have to start watching what I say again, whereas it didn’t matter before because she was already not speaking to me!

Maybe I could try my phasing out process now, although I’m not entirely sure how to go about it. I just want to be able to do things with other friends without her expecting to be invited. Maybe that’s asking too much.

Freda brought the photos in. I’ve had loads of people asking me about the one of me and Aled, about what was going on. I’m not sure how he reacted when he saw it because I wasn’t looking but when I mentioned it on the way home from school when I was talking about Freda’s threat to scan it, he went very quiet. I’m not sure what to make of that reaction.

Zoe’s going out with the lad from LA Bowl. His name’s Jav and he was round at her house yesterday. She wants me to go bowling on Wednesday now so she can meet up with him. I don’t know if I will go.


P.S. Dougie said hi to Rhian on my mobile at lunch then went all embarrassed. He kept asking Gethin and I what she’d said to us too.

Tuesday 28th Hayley’s definitely speaking to me again. It is a lot easier in school now and I was getting sick of people constantly asking what was going on. There’s much less of an awkward atmosphere but I still can’t completely forgive the stupid girl.

Oscar let me in on something today. I was sat near him at lunch and there weren’t many other people around. He said, “Tess…” like he was about to say something but shut up as soon as Sarah came over. I managed to get rid of her and he told me that he was thinking of getting a necklaces that have half a heart on for him and Lizzie, like Heidi and Davis’s.  He said he didn’t have any money right now but he’s getting paid on Thursday so he might get them then. I’m not sure what Lizzie’d think if but I think it’s really sweet of him. I think he really likes Lizzie too. He’s so lovely!

Aled stormed into college this morning and was going on about having loads of Geography to do and only 15 mins to do it in. Then he decided it was my fault because last night on the way home I told him I’d do it 2nd period today but we had Geography 1st. Mr B did actually say we had until 3:20pm to hand it in but Aled didn’t believe me and was glaring at me all through Geography until Mr B proved me right. Aled was only doing it jokingly though.

I found out from a sheet on a wall with the College 2 General Studies groups on that Trotter’s full name is Darren Robert Lawton. Not bad! I saw him while I was going to Swing Band. He glanced over his shoulder as I turned towards C Block. I also found out he lives nearer Warrington.


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