I’m really going to have to psyche myself up – 25th & 26th September 1999

Saturday 25th I went to LA Bowl this evening with Freda, Bridget, Karen, Zoe and Lizzie. Hayley didn’t come, apparently because of me again. Pathetic! Well, she’s going to the Italian next Friday with Freda and Sarah for a meal. She’ll probably invite everyone else except me now. Either that or the next week she’ll organise something else which she’ll get everyone else to go to.

It was quite good tonight. Zoe went with some lad and there were plenty of other fit ones about. Freda was pretending to be a lesbian and fancy me because there were 2 in a lane near us. She also gave us all stupid names on the bowling screen.

Karen was just Kazza.
Bridget was BJ Girl because she gave Arnie Conway a blow job at one of Freda’s parties.
Lizzie was Oscar because she’s going out with Oscar.
Zoe was Flirt because that’s what she’s always doing.
Freda was FF (her initials).
I was Miss Brownlee – she got that from Aled’s surname.

Freda got her photos back from her party today. There’s an awful one of me, half blinking with my mouth open and one of me and Aled holding hands, talking. She’s threatening to scan them and stick them up around school. I bet Hayley’ll persuade her into actually doing it. I really hope she doesn’t.


I can’t find the photo in question but this is another delightful one of me, Bacardi Breezer in hand, from another of Freda’s 1999 parties.


P.S. Lizzie has chosen me over Freda to go to Alex Ferguson’s testimonial. Brilliant!

Sunday 26th I’m worried about going to school now. I know I’m probably being pathetic because they’re only photos but I’m worried about how people might react. Also, if Freda decided to go ahead and stick copies all over school, it won’t just be my mates that see them. I know the best thing to do would be to just laugh it off but I really don’t like being the centre of attention like that. I hate being embarrassed.

That lad Zoe snogged last night phoned her today. He’s called Jav and lives near an Asda somewhere. He wanted to meet up with her again and he might meet us if we go to town next Saturday like we’ve been planning. I hope he’s got some nice mates!

I’ve got a bloody Swing Band concert at the Parr Hall on Friday. Lizzie and I were going to arrange to go somewhere again but I forgot that I can’t. I’m worried now that Hayley’ll take advantage and get in there with Lizzie and people too. I think she’s already getting Freda on her side.

I’ve not got to show her that I’m bothered but it’s so hard. I just want to give the twisted little cow a good kicking! She’s bound to try and get at me with those photos too. I’m really going to have to psyche myself up into staying totally calm before I get to school tomorrow. I’m really not sure I can manage it but that’s not the way I need to be thinking right now.


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