She threw a Sunny Delight bottle at me – 23rd & 24th September 1999

Thursday 23rd Hayley’s still being a bitch only today Oh Twisted One dragged Freda and Zoe into it. In 3rd period, Zoe and Freda decided they were going to town for a McDonald’s and asked me along so I went. We had a laugh but knew what to expect from Hayley when we got back.

To begin with, she was nice to Freda and Zoe until Freda mentioned McD’s. Then Hayley commented on the fact we went without her and kept saying to Freda how she’s betrayed her by talking to ‘The Ememy’ (me) and stuff. Freda then said summit like, “See, I told you she’d say that!” to me and Zoe. That did not please Hayley and I think it made her very paranoid so when Zoe turned round to ask her something, she ignored her.

Freda and Zoe now say they think she’s a bitch, pathetic and immature. The immature part came about after she threw a Sunny Delight bottle at me. (I ignored it.)

Freda also told me that Hayley’s trying to turn Cat against me slowly and was trying to persuade her out of coming to the cinema with us tomorrow. I’m relying on Cat’s intelligence and common sense not to let her fall for Hayley’s little tactics. Cat was speaking to me today though.

Sarah told me this morning that Hayley mouthed “because of her” and pointed to me when she was asked why she wasn’t coming to the cinema. Real reason = we’re going to see The Haunting and Hayley won’t see anything even remotely scary coz she’s soft. Well, that’s probably the main reason, I’m sure I’m partly to do with it as well.

Aled’s definitely not coming tomorrow. I’m still disappointed. He said he could’ve come if we’d have gone on Saturday instead. He was walking to Julian’s house again tonight. He saw me behind and stopped and waited for me until I went onto the pavement and he went over the field.

Julian’s given me the title of ‘Wicked Bitch of the West’! I thought it was quite good actually! It’s just because I kept taking the piss out of him and Kala L when they were going out briefly.

I hate Hayley

I ♥ Trotter (+ Aled) + Duncan


Friday 24th Hayley still wasn’t speaking to me today. Stupid cow! I know because she came over and sat near me so I asked her if Freda had just gone to the garage, just to test her and so she couldn’t accuse me of ignoring her. She stayed silent and looked away. Just to make sure she knew I was talking to her, I said, “Hayley, has Freda gone to the garage?” I got the same reaction so I just talked to someone else.

I actually prefer it when she completely doesn’t speak to me like that to when she’s yelling things at me or snapping answers to me.

I think there’s something going on next Friday which I’m not included in because Sarah said to Freda, “Are we still doing what we discussed in R.E. on Friday?” Then she kind of shut up when Freda shot her a look. It’ll be something that Hayley’s organised to which everyone’ll be invited except me. I can’t believe she’s doing this after all that business with Jade, Lena, Lindsey etc. I seem to remember her saying, “I don’t know how they can do this to us. I never would.” Bitch.

We went to the cinema tonight to see The Haunting. It was a bit weird but quite good. Loads of us went. There was me, Lizzie, Oscar, Zack, Cat, Freda, Zoe, Lucy, Karen and Poppy. Cat told me that Hayley said I should be the one to make friends again this time. [OH, FUCK OFF HAYLEY!! I’m annoyed about this all over again! I still don’t know why she behaved like this towards me and had the cheek to expect me to remain her friend. What a little cowbag.] Erm… is that not what I was trying to do earlier? I really hate Hayley now.

Cat did actually want me to sit next to her in the film but I’m not sure why really. She was still speaking to me so maybe Hayley hasn’t said too much yet.


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