It’s all completely in her head – 22nd September 1999

Wednesday 22nd Freda and Cat gave me reasons as to why Twisted Girl’s not speaking to me but I’ve got to pretend I don’t know because I don’t want to drop them in it for telling me what she told them.

At break, I was sat on a bench with Freda and Twisted Girl walked past with Georgia Dean. She spotted Freda talking to me, glared and carried on walking. Freda said she could tell she was being slagged off by Hayley and continued to tell me what was going on.

She told me that Hayley said I keep putting her down in front of people. Has she got that confused that she’s mixing my actions up with hers?! According to her, I said she was going to fail her driving test. I didn’t say anything as straight up as that but we were joking with each other that it takes some people years to pass and she knew it was a joke. She also told Freda that I laugh a lot whenever Aled’s skitting someone. That I don’t deny but I don’t do it all the time and it’s not just me either.

To Cat, she said the same plus that I make snidey comments about her jewellery and clothes. Now that is a complete lie and she either knows it and that I can’t prove I didn’t say it, or it’s all completely in her head. As I keep saying….. twisted!!!

The next reason for her to go in a mood will be this weekend. There’s a cinema trip on Friday with me, Oscar, Cat and a few others and there’s one on Saturday with Sarah, Hayley and Rani. Freda was going on Saturday but she’s decided she’d rather come with us. Can you see where this is all going to lead? It’ll be my fault for manipulating Freda into coming with us or summit.

Another clue into whether I like Aled or not came when I found out he can’t come to the cinema with us. He’s got ice hockey I think. I was extremely disappointed. Also, when I saw him heading off into the distance with Julian Olsen after school, I was disappointed I missed him.

Abby saw Paul ‘Nutter’ Nutt on a bus after school today. She says he’s had his lip pierced, he’s making teeth or something as a job in an industrial park opposite Sainsbury’s, and he got a couple of Cs and then Fs and Us in his exams.

I was trying to be nice to Rani today coz I felt guilty about yesterday. Also, for safety purposes, I removed this page out of my notebook that Zoe wrote.



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