Twisted cow – 21st September 1999

Tuesday 21st I think I’ll start by giving the latest update on Hayley’s bitchiness. In my free period today, Rani marches up to me and asks what I’ve been saying about her. I ask what she means and she told me that Hayley told her that I’d told Hayley that I didn’t want Rani to come to the cinema last weekend but she just invited herself.

I mean, I denied it to Rani, of course, because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so instead I just cut chunks out and said I’d just been talking to Bella about who was going and she had been unaware that Rani was coming so I said I told Bella that Rani had invited herself but that I didn’t mind.

The fact that Hayley sunk so low as to stir things up with that situation annoyed me but the fact she told Rani she wasn’t wanted on Saturday night was totally thoughtless. I can’t believe she didn’t consider how much she could’ve hurt Rani’s feelings just to try and gain someone on her side and try and get at me at the same time.

After that little episode was over, Emma made matters worse but trying to help get back at Hayley. I appreciate the fact she’s sticking with me on this one but what she did wasn’t the wisest of methods of getting to Hayley. It worked but I think I’ll stick to my tactics of ignoring the situation and acting as normal as possible.

Anyway, at break, Emma dragged me over and sat me down on a table and said, “Come one, let’s go and talk to Ferny just to show Hayley!” So we did and started asking about what’d happened to some of his mates but I left the talking to Emma in the end and I spoke to Maeve instead because I knew Hayley was watching and that for me, even though short term it made me feel better, in the long run it might do more harm than good.

As soon as I went near Hayley she said loudly, “Oh look, here comes the jealous one.” At the time I thought she’d just got her words mixed up and she meant I was trying to make her jealous but in my free period I found out what she meant. I was sat talking to Freda and she started off by saying Hayley’d probably kill her if she caught her talking to me because she had a go at her for it last time apparently.

Other than finding out that Hayley was trying to stop Freda talking to me as well as Rani, I was told by Freda that Hayley has now decided I’m jealous of her because she’s been talking to Ferny. Bollocks! Twisted cow’s trying to cover up I reckon because I reckon it’s more likely to be the other way round because of Aled. I’m not sure but it’s probably contributing to all this crap she’s coming out with.

At one point I was having problems controlling my fists around Hayley as she sat there shooting dirty looks so instead I asked her what the fuck was wrong with her. The charming answer I received was, “You should fucking know by now or you’re a stupid fucking bitch.” I told her to simply “chill” because I knew she wanted an answer which she could react to so I didn’t give her enough of one. It worked.

I have to admit that a couple of times throughout the day I was extremely close to tears but I managed to hold them back because I didn’t know what consequences it could’ve resulted in because of the way people could’ve reacted. I could’ve got loads of sympathy and Hayley a hard time but, on the other hand, people may have thought I was putting it on and that would probably have been Hayley’s little comment. I didn’t want to risk it.

I’ve decided that Hayley’s caused more trouble over the last few years for me than it’s worth and I’ve also decided that I don’t particularly want her as a friend anymore although I don’t want her slagging me off to people either. What I’ve decided too is that if she ever attempts to start speaking to me again I’m going to attempt to lose her as a best mate and hope that she just ends up being someone who I can just talk to if there’s nobody better around. My little plan is unlikely to go that way though.

Other things today have been Bella and Bridget deciding Aled fancies me. They said it’s obvious. I’m not so sure. I did influence him into apologising to Cat (after he upset her by repeatedly calling her a man) by telling him it was snidey, though.

Hayley yelled at Aled too about something and generally being a “fucking bastard” as she put it but he commented on her having a squeaky voice. I tried to absorb my laughter in my coat (I don’t think she noticed!) and she stormed off.

Trotter was in a drugs awareness play for assembly. I’ve decided I do actually like him quite a lot despite what Abby says. Nobody knows who he is out of my year though!


P.S. Twisted cow Hayley gave me a picture frame with a photo of me and her in it for my birthday. It’s been say on my desk for ages so to try and relieve some of the pissed offness, I took the photo out. I think I’ll replace it with one of some people in Wick coz I know how sick she is (or jealous of!) hearing about Duncan etc!

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