Watching me watching him – 13th & 15th September 1999

Monday 13th On the way to school this morning, Zoe told me that she rang Craig at some point yesterday. He told her that he’s going to the cinema with his mates again on Saturday and wanted to know if she and her mates could go too. Normally it’d all be fine but it just so happens that there is a problem with this weekend which is bound to result in Hayley not speaking to me again if I don’t go about this situation carefully.

You see, there’s this 70s night on at the Sports Club also on Saturday which Hayley’s been going on about for ages. I’ve never wanted to go to it because dressing up in old clothes and having to listen to ancient music that I wasn’t around to hear the first time round with a bunch of middle-ages parents of people who I know is just not my thing. Hayley’s managed to round up a couple of people who are up for it and maybe it could be a good laugh but now there’s another offer of a night out which I’d really rather go to, I’m in a bit of an awkward situation.

If I don’t go to the cinema with Craig and those gorgeous mates of his, I could really miss out there and also if we don’t go, we could lose them to another group of girls and we couldn’t have that. But then if I don’t go to this 70s thing then Hayley’s bound to sulk a bit anyway but if she found out I was going to the cinema with them she’d be absolutely fuming! I really do not want to go to this 70s night and I’ve told her that but now I’ve got to get round to telling her where I’m going instead. Whatever I say, she won’t be happy.

Rhian phoned me on my mobile at lunch. She was with Laura and I spoke to them both. They told me to phone Duncan tonight but I haven’t done. Rhian spoke to Graham briefly and he was asking her about that letter to Dougie. She says he has a nice voice. She really wanted to speak tot Dougie but he wasn’t there.

She phoned back about 10 minutes later to tell me she’d seen Duncan. She didn’t talk to him though. That’s probably a good thing really. She phoned here at home tonight too and told me Duncan must be lying about going to Florida in October because she’s sure they’re not.


Wednesday 15th Lizzie saw Oscar’s mum today. Quite a few of us went (me, Aled, Julien Olsen, Cat and Hayley) because Lizzie didn’t want to go on her own. She was in there about 10 seconds and then we went to the bakery.

I found out that Aled either wants to do interior design or architecture when he leaves school and for his A Levels he’s going Geography (in my group), Design Technology (I think it’s called) and Art. I still think I like him but only a bit.

I think Ewan Swann still thinks I fancy him. I keep catching him looking in my direction in Biology and then his eyes flick elsewhere when he realises I’ve noticed. I think he’s watching to see if I look at him. I do though to see if he’s watching me watching him.

There’s a very nice joiner working on the computer rooms in college. Actually, there are 2 quite nice ones. One’s short and blonde but the nicest one is tall, thin, tanned, brown-haired and reminds me a lot of Chin from Wick.

Zoe phoned Craig again last night. He said they’re still going on Saturday and another mate called Andy’s going too. Something’s bound to go wrong. We told Hayley and she didn’t seem pleased that we were going without her but she’s still speaking to us.

I went on the internet tonight and Laura was on. She didn’t say much and was going to get Duncan to chat to me but he had “hills of homework” apparently. She asked me if we were going up in October and when I said I didn’t know she said, “Please come up.” I don’t know why.

I want to do kickboxing. I need to do something to keep me active and Abby and Jacqueline Robson’d do it too. Emma went last night with Maisie Jones and if she can do it, so can I.


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