I think I like Aled – 9th & 10th September 1999

Thursday 9th I had Geography period 1 and 2 today and then that was my lessons for Thursday done with. It’s great! I could’ve gone home but instead Freda, Rani, Lena and I got the bus to the drive through McDonald’s in Warrington. We had to come back for 1:15pm because Lena had a Food Tech lesson.

For the rest of the afternoon I just sat about upstairs in the college. In period 4 there were quite a few others who were on free periods like Emma who was telling me that Robert Osborne likes her and Dominic Walters likes Suzanna.

Period 5 was a bit quieter. There was me, Georgia, Lena, Freda and Rani, some caretaker type bloke called Wayne and Aled. Aled was being nice to me again but without holding my hand!

Rhian phoned tonight. She’s fallen out with Laura Morgan who sounds like she’s being a right 2-faced bitch. (Hayley was still being a bit off with me today.) Laura’s having a birthday sleepover on Saturday but Rhian’s got something on with her drama group but she could go later but Laura doesn’t seem to want her to for some reason. She’s also threatening to tell Gillian L that Rhian’s been slagging her off. If she does, that’ll be the end of Rhian’s face. Best friends shouldn’t do that. I thought Hayley was being bad enough too.


Friday 10th When I got in from school today I saw this on my desk. ↓


I’m so pleased he’s finally got round to writing! I pretty much guessed what it was when I saw the envelope, other than the fact there’s a Scottish stamp on the front. I don’t really know anyone else who’d write to me and I didn’t recognise the writing. It’s only a short letter but it’s better than nothing.

I forgot about Duncan’s DJ-ing. I remembered he’d told me once that he did it for the hospital radio or something. I wish I could read his e-mail address. I’ve worked out what most of it is but I don’t know what that 2nd number or letter is. Never mind, I’ll just have to write back again.

I’m a bit disappointed, actually, really disappointed that I might not get to see him in October unless he thinks my hols are at the same time as his. It’d be okay if he’s back from Florida for school because that’s when I’ll be going up. Although, there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to anyway.

I got my exam scripts back from school today because they’re using our school to trial it on. I worked out what percentages I got:

Science (paper 4) = 70/120 = 58%
Science (paper 5) = 77/120 = 64% (I think these are right.)
Geography = 101/124 = 81%
Business Studies = 80/127 = 63% (I’ve not got one Business paper back.)
Food Tech = 99/130 = 76%
French reading = 31/45 = 69%
French writing = 17/42 = 40%
French listening = 21/40 = 52%
P.E. = 74/120 = 62%
Maths (paper 3) = 71/100 = 71%
Maths (paper 4) = 74/100 = 74%

Some of them look pretty crap as a percentage but stuff like coursework must have improved the overall mark.

I think I like Aled. Well, actually I’m not sure but every time he’s talking to another girl or is complementing one, I get ever so slightly jealous. I keep seeing him on his bike in the morning too before school but he’s always gone past it so I don’t know where he’s going. I’ll have to find out somehow.


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