He only waved back! – 2nd & 3rd September 1999

Thursday 2nd I had my first day at 6th Form College today. Well, it wasn’t actually in the college, it was more in the form of an assembly in room A26 which is just a big room. It wasn’t really a day either because it only lasted 2 hours. I was back here at home by 11:30 am.

On my way home I walked past the fire salvage shop and there was quite a nice lad brushing up around the car park. I turned round after I’d walked past and he was looking at me but quickly turned away when he saw I’d noticed. I saw him the other day actually, working in the part that sells chocolate and stuff behind the till.

Anyway, we all start properly at school tomorrow. All it was today was explaining rules and giving out timetables. I think I’m with someone I know in all my lessons and in free periods and we got to pick at least one person who we wanted to go in a form with. My name was put down with Hayley, Lena, Georgia Dean, Rachael Hollins and Emma but we’ll be mixed with other people too I think.

As for new people, well, there are apparently 5. There is a girl called Maeve who knows Lizzie, a girl called Penny who knows Lucy and Poppy and some lad. He’s not fit either. He’s new to our year but is a couple of years older. He’s done GNVQs and now wants to do A Levels. I don’t know if he’s counted as one of the 5.

There was no sign of John Baker. Never mind.


Friday 3rd I had my first full day in 6th Form. This morning I had double Sports Studies with Miss P (don’t like her) then Mr B. He’s okay but wanted to know what sports we did and what sporting achievements we have. I don’t so I just wrote down athletics because I don’t mind it and netball because I was briefly on the team lower down the school.

After that I had Geography with Mr B-N. He’s okay too but I’m only with Sarah and Zoe in that lesson. In Sports Studies I’m with Lizzie, that new girl Maeve Ackerley, Rachael Hollins and Tanya Potter. There are other people in these groups too but I’m not really mates with them.

This afternoon I had Biology with Mr S and there were 30 of us but they want to split us up into 2 groups. That means I probably won’t be in the same group as Ewan Swann. I quite like him again but only really because there’s nobody else! I’m with loads of mates in that – Yvette Brand, Chloe Gomez, Hayley, Lizzie, Rani S, Cat, Karen, Sarah and Rachael and Lucy.

At lunch, Hayley, Freda, Rani and I were sat on the park and this little lad from the Indian restaurant walked past with another lad. Hayley and I have seen him loads and he’s always wherever we are in the village. Anyway, today as he was walking off, he turned round so I waved. He only waved back! It was really embarrassing because Hayley thinks I fancy him. I don’t, he only looks about 7! We can’t actually decide how old he is but he’s quite short.

This evening, Hayley, Milla and I went to The Plough because it’s Hayley’s 17th birthday today. Her sister and sister’s husband had to come with us but it was still quite good. He was trying to pair us off with lads but nowt happened, thank God! It was really embarrassing!

Conrad Garvey out of my year came over and spoke to us at one point. It’s his birthday too. That tarty woman who was chatting up those lads in the Sports Club when the football was on was in The Plough too, chatting up even more men. I don’t think she recognised us!


2 thoughts on “He only waved back! – 2nd & 3rd September 1999

    • I suspect my declaration of her tart status may have had something to do with the fact she was getting attention from all the boys regardless of anything she was doing. She was probably just talking about the weather.


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