Adam has a ‘new love’ – 30th August 1999

Monday 30th Again, I’ve not really done a lot today. I went on the internet to help Abby with her Art work (that’s how bored I was!) and I had a quick chat with a lad called Barney Greer. I used to talk to his mate Adam loads and we even phoned and wrote to each other. We did arrange to meet up in June at Alton Towers but he couldn’t make it in the end. Pretty soon after that we kind of lost touch. I mailed him a few times but he didn’t reply.

Anyway, I also used to talk to Barney a bit and Adam’s mate Ronan but it was Barney who I usually got Adam-related information out of. Today we were just catching up because we’ve not spoken for ages either. He told me he got 4 As, 5 Bs and 3 Cs (I think) in his exams and that he’d been on holiday to Crete with Ronan.

I managed to turn the conversation round onto my holiday so I could tell him all about Duncan. I told Barney in hope that it’d get back to Adam because he probably thinks I miss talking to him or something. Barney then told me that Adam has a ‘new love’ from Manchester who’s 17 and he met her on holiday and Barney’s been told she’s really nice.

I’m ashamed to say I got a slight hint of jealousy when I was told that piece of information but I keep remembering what an ugly creep he really is! Anyhow, I’ve got my own lad now, even though I did leave him behind in Scotland so with any luck, Adam’ll get just a little bit jealous too if he gets to hear about it!

I keep on thinking about Scotland and Duncan and everyone else and what they might be doing. I really want Duncan to make some sort of effort to contact me but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t know whether he’s trying to forget me, he fancies someone else, he only ever wanted a bit of experience with a girl and he doesn’t really care I’ve gone, or what.

It’s really annoying because I’ve got no way of finding out. Rhian’s absolutely hopeless when it comes to getting and telling information so she’s no use. I’ve made the effort to keep in touch by writing and e-mailing him but I’ve not had replies from either. I’m pretty fed up to be honest. It’d be better if I just wasn’t bothered but I bloody well am!

Abby’s found out more info on Ashley. She says he plays for a footy team called ‘The Groats’ or something with Cal Brown. That’s all though.


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