Fringebit – 29th August 1999

Sunday 29th I wasn’t going to write in here today because nothing much has happened but I’m not tired and can’t sleep so I’ll find something.

Oh yeah, I burnt my carpet and tried to cover the brown up with ink but it was turquoise! I was messing about with candle wax and an ink cartridge and the ink went all over my desk so I had to get toilet roll to wipe it up. The toilet paper caught fire from the candle and it got hot (doh!) so I dropped it in the luckily empty metal bin I’ve got on the floor.

Thinking it’d go out in the bin, I left it. When it finally did go out, I put a glass of water on it. I moved the bin only to find a nice brown burn mark on the carpet where the paint on the bin had kind of boiled. I had a blue cartridge handy [the carpet was blue] so I dripped some ink on the brown patch, only to find it was a very different shade. I’ve made a right mess! I tried cleaning it up with carpet stuff and it kind of worked but not properly.

Rhian phoned tonight. She didn’t know what Duncan had been doing last night either. Never mind. Abby got more info out of Auntie S and Uncle G about Ashley Ewart. She says she doesn’t care if they know she fancies him. We’ll see if she still thinks that way when they join up with Mum and Dad!

Anyway, apparently Ashley is Auntie S’s bridesmaid’s cousin’s son and he’s and only child. They said his dad’s got a fishing boat and his mum works in a fish shop and the pornstar thing came about because she sent a photo to some magazine once or something. They also know Ashley’s grandma.

Abby also found out the names of a few people we noticed in Wick. One is called Scott. Abby fancied him at Christmas and he’s quite thin with brown hair and usually wears dark jeans and a dark green and orange Kappa jacket and a cap. He also plays football with Cal Brown who Rhian used to fancy.

Another lad was this ginger lad who moved out of our way one night because we were trying to get past him on the street. We referred to him as ‘Ginger’ but we now know he’s called Alan, nicknamed ‘Baba’ for some reason.

There are still quite a few people who we issued with names because we didn’t know their real one who we still don’t know.

e.g. ‘Fringebit’ → This man who drove round (and round and round!) in a black, old Ford Escort who waggled his tongue and stared at us. He gained that name because his head was shaved except for a stupid fringe thing at the front.

e.g. ‘The Other One’ → Part of Ashley and Greg’s lot who just sat in the car and stood by the bank with them. Quite nice looking.

e.g. ‘Tartan Hat Boy’ → Boy who Abby took a liking to. He wore and Oasis-style tartan hat and sat on the bench by the bus stop opposite the sports shop.

e.g. ‘Cream Passenger’ → In the car and by the bank with Ashley and co. First time we saw him he was wearing cream clothes and was sat in the passenger seat of the car. Possibly the same person as ‘The Other One’.

See, I found something to write about!

I’m beginning to get worried about going back to school now. We go back on Thursday, not Monday like we thought, so that was a bit of bad news! I’m just worrying about the usual things like:
– Who I’ll be in a form with.
– Who I’ll be in lessons with.
– If I’ll be on my own.
– Then there’s new things like what new people are going to be there. (That could be good or bad though!)
– Whether when I have (if I have) free periods, will any of my mates?

Then there’s the problem of what to wear. Now I’m in 6th Form College, I don’t have to wear uniform. Help!!!


One thought on “Fringebit – 29th August 1999

  1. Thanks for the wiki link! re: your offer to explain things when I mentioned The Inbetweeners – your school grades/years/forms were one of the things I keep getting mixed up about.


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