I kept waffling on about him – 28th August 1999

Saturday 29th Not a lot happened during the day, I just played about with my mobile phone. This evening though, Mum and Dad went out to Louise B’s wedding do so Abby had her friends round and Hayley came too. We just talked, went on the internet, played Pictionary and The Game of Life, and at one point decided to ring Rhian. She wasn’t at home, she was at Laura’s so Abby phoned there.

Duncan answered. He told Abby they weren’t there but then I decided I might as well speak to him. I wish I hadn’t now. I was just asking where Rhian was and stuff and he told me they were over the road then Hayley decided she wanted to speak and grabbed the phone off me. She started saying how I kept waffling on about him and how I started whining every time I saw the name Duncan on TV and stuff.

She told me afterwards that he sounded pleased but I tend not to believe much that Hayley tells me. She was probably just trying to avoid trouble with me.

I got the phone back and told him to ignore her and apologised for her and he said something about her being crazy. Then I mentioned I had a mobile phone now and asked if he wanted the number. He said, “Not just now, I’m just in the middle of something actually” or summit. I apologised and we said goodbye.

It really sounded like he was trying to get rid of me. That’s why I regretted speaking. He didn’t actually ask to speak to me either. Oh, but I still really like him and miss him so much.

I suppose h e could’ve been doing homework or something because he said he’d been busy with it when I said how I hadn’t heard from him for a while. Fair enough. I should’ve asked him what he was doing really, just to keep my mind at ease.

Rhian never phoned back either. I could’ve found out off her what he was doing otherwise.



6 thoughts on “I kept waffling on about him – 28th August 1999

    • I love The Inbetweeners. I do worry that I was/am a little bit too ‘Will’ sometimes though. Let me know if you need anything translating in my diary. I’m aware some words I use are pretty local to the point that even friends from other bits of England have asked what they mean!


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