How the hell did I get a B in French? – 26th & 27th August 1999

Thursday 26th I’m so happy, relieved and shocked now I’ve finally got my results. I was really, really nervous this morning and when I got to school at about 10:00am, I was absolutely wetting myself. We all filed into the canteen where different tables were set up for different surname initials. I went to my one where Miss Ph and Mrs L were sat.

It took a while before my turn because there were forms to fill in but finally I sat down and got handed my results. There were 3 sheets of paper stapled together (because of the different exam boards). I couldn’t believe it when I looked through and I couldn’t stop smiling and I couldn’t concentrate on the questions asked so this form could be filled in. They just wanted to know where I was going next term and what subjects I was taking. I said Biology, Geography and Sports Studies because the grades I’ve got meant I could do the ones I wanted to.

These are the grades I got:

Science: double award – A
Science: double award – A [This was a combo of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and we got 2 grades for some reason.]
Food Tech – A
Business Studies – B (combined with Food Tech for a grade B overall)
English – B (speaking and listening)
English Literature – B
French – B
Geography – A
Physical Education – C
Art – A
Mathematics – B

I really can’t believe some of those grades! How the hell did I get a B in French [this question still stands] and an A in Science?! I’m so unbelievably pleased with those results. I’ve not stopped smiling all day!

I ran into the school car park to tell my mum and she said that’d been the longest wait she’d ever had but was so pleased when I showed her what I’ve got. We phoned Abby and she was pleased too but is now worried she won’t do as well next year (course she will!) and then drove round to where Dad’s working and told him. He said he’d just been talking to Mr B about it before I came. He was glad as well.

Most of my friends got what they wanted or better…

  • Hayley got one A and the rest Cs and Bs (well, she got a D in Business but it combined with Food Tech for a C)
  • Emma got one B and the rest As
  • Dougie got 9 A*s and the rest As (pretty good, hey?!)
  • Cat got 7 A*s and the rest As (good one again!)
  • Lizzie got mostly Bs and Cs with a couple of As and possibly a D (I can’t quite remember)

I know what quite a few other people got but I can’t be bothered writing it all down.

When I got home, Dougie phoned and asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema with him, Stuart Hobbs, Brian Short and Stuart’s sad older brother to see Austin Powers 2. They seemed to be all the people that were going and I’m not sure why they asked me, although he did say I could ask other people.

I didn’t end up going though because I went bowling instead with Freda, Lizzie, Cat, Poppy, Lucy, Karen and Hayley. It was quite good because we went on the dodgems and stuff too. When we were getting out shoes back, the bloke working there was messing about and kept giving me the wrong shoes. I don’t know why but he only did it to me and Lizzie.

Afterwards, we got the bus back to Poppy’s, bought a Chinese takeaway, ate chocolate cake and drank white wine (there was no champagne!).

I got this card from Hayley and her parents which I thought was really nice of them. ↓


When I got home this evening, I had to phone Auntie G and Auntie S so I did. I got congratulations off Auntie G and squeals from Wick! Auntie S said that she told me at the barbecue in Wick that she’d give me a fiver for ever A I got. That should make me £25 richer! I don’t remember her saying that but I’m not going to argue. Grandma S also said she’d give me some money. This is cool! I never knew passing exams had all these benefits!

I spoke to Rhian later on tonight because she’d been at MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) earlier. I got more squeals off her but no news on Duncan unfortunately.

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on a bit of sleep now.


Friday 27th I’ve been bored for most of today because Mum and Abby went to Southport for a textiles project of Abby’s and Dad was at work.

I did get this card and a top present of Mum and Dad though for doing well in exams. ↓


They bought me a mobile phone. I have to say, I do feel a bit guilty because it must’ve been expensive but they kept telling me I deserved it. My parents are so cool!

I went to the cinema tonight with Freda, Hayley, Poppy, Lizzie, Sarah, Karen and Cat to see the South Park movie. It is so funny!! There’s a lot of swearing so Tom and Minnie had better not see it, even though they want to! We finally got to see what Kenny looks like and hear him speak briefly. He’s so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people laugh in a cinema before.ugh in a cinema before.


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