I’ve probably failed them all – 25th August 1999

Wednesday 25th I met up with Keira, Emma, Patrick Campbell, Dougie and Stuart Hobbs at Warrington Bus Station this morning ready to go on a ‘mystery tour’ because we didn’t know where we were going to go. We were just going to jump on a train and go somewhere. I was actually late because I got the 10:10 bus instead of the 9:40 bus and, when Emma didn’t get on in her village, I got off, found a phone box and tried to phone Emma to see where she was but it was engaged so I stated walking home.

Mum drove past, stopped, picked me up and said they’d phoned saying they were waiting for me so she gave me a lift there. I ran to the bus station and eventually found them all, apologised, they laughed at me and we made our way to Warrington Central station. We looked down the list of places to go and chose Liverpool. We got on a train and went.

All we really did all day was wander round the Albert Dock, wander round the main shopping area and sit in McDonald’s, flicking a carton of tomato ketchup across the table to each other until it burst all over Stuart and Dougie.

We got this photo taken in a booth: (I am on it but very blurred!)


When we got bored of Liverpool, we came back to Warrington and went in McDonald’s. Then Dougie left because he had to go to work at that tennis centre thing so the rest of us went back to the bus station. The lads went home but Emma and I went back to Keira’s house for a bit.

The other 2 discussed Robert a lot and what Keira should find out for Emma (such as if he likes her) and I kind of groaned when ‘Better Off Alone’ came on the radio. They asked me why so I told them about Duncan although I didn’t go into too much details on what happened because I could feel myself going red.

I got in this evening and phoned Rhian to tell her that I gave the letter to Dougie today. (She wasn’t in but she rang back later.) I gave it to him at the bus station when I arrived and he took his time reading it. He wouldn’t show us so I think he took it seriously! He kept getting it out and reading it again all day. Then he started asking me questions about Rhian such as, “How old is she?” and “What does she look like?” I think I’ll have to show him a photo sometime.

Just before he went to work, I asked him if he had any messages for her and he said something like, “Tell her that as you’re giving her this message, I’m on my way up to Scotland so she’d better brace herself!” I think I’ve made his head enlarge rather considerably!

I get my GCSE exam results back tomorrow. I’m worried now. I was okay until about 9:00pm and then I got bored and began worrying. These are my predictions for how I’ve done:

English – C (if I’m lucky!)
Maths – D
Science – Fail
French – Fail
Geography – D
Food Tech and Business – Fail
P.E. – D
Art – C (if I’m lucky!)

I think that’s all the subjects. I might be pushing my luck a bit by saying I’ve got Cs and Ds. In reality, I’ve probably failed them all. Oh well, looks like I’ll be seeking employment as a bag packer in Tesco or something.

I’m really nervous now. I can see myself tomorrow finding out my results and being so bloody annoyed with myself because I know now I could’ve done better than I have. All the people around me will be satisfied at least because all my friends are clever. I’m not thick but when it came to the exams, I knew I’d not got a chance of getting the grades I should. I’d be happy if I got one A but I won’t have done. I don’t want to fail or get any Ds either but I’m bound to. I don’t think I’ll be getting too much sleep tonight.

These are my train tickets from today. I thought I may as well just stick them in. ↓


(I lied and said I was 15 to get half fare!)

I almost forgot, Rhian told me on the phone that she’d told Duncan he had to write to me and he said “Alright then” or something. I hope he does write back, I still really miss him. Rhian also said she’d got photos of Chin, Sanders (but he was hiding) and Ashley Ewart’s back so she’ll send them when she’s done more I think.

I’ll go away and panic now! AAARRGGHHH!!!


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