He really is a babe! – 24th August 1999

Tuesday 24th I saw John Baker from just down the road at 5:05pm today. He is so gorgeous. I was sat in the front room watching TV and he walked by on the pavement right outside. I got a really good look because his dog stopped and weed by our drive. He was wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and brown boots and looked lovely. He’s quite tall, quite thin with gelled forward black hair and glasses. He really is a babe!

He might be going to 6th Form college with us because he was at the open evening and put his name down for some courses. Part of me hopes he does go but part of me hopes he doesn’t. If he did then he might realise I exist and I’d probably see him loads on the way home but then again, some other girl’s bound to end up going out with him because he’s so good looking and I’d have no chance then.

Lena used to work with him in the bakery (he still does work there) and she said he’s really geeky but people he’s never met before won’t know that until maybe later on but he’ll already have a queue formed by then! Never mind, I’m taken for the moment anyway, even if my boyfriend is 100s of miles away and not keeping in touch.

Emma phoned this evening asking if I wanted to go out with the ‘Swing Band lot’ tomorrow. She was telling me about Saturday. Keira had been trying to phone because of the party and it ended up with her and Emma being the only two girls. I’m not too bothered about not going really because it seems that the only highlight for Emma was snogging Robert Osborne. She’s not sure what’s happening between them now though.

She also told me that Dominic Walters was there. That interested me because I’ve met him once before a while back when I was at the cinema watching Romeo and Juliet and he came with Robert (who he knows from climbing I think) and a couple of other lads. Hayley decided she liked him and was feeding him M+Ms all night. He was quite nice looking then and Emma said he still is but when he had had quite a bit to drink, he started going on about how he could tell which lads were good looking or something. I’ll have to tell Hayley that one!

I ♥ Duncan


P.S. Abby was on the internet earlier and Laura’s screen name came up on the Buddy List (it’s Laurm1) but nobody said anything to Abby and if it had’ve been Laura, she probably would have chatted so we think it might have been Duncan.

Whoever it was said “Hi” but then went offline. I hope it wasn’t Duncan because he might not have realised it was Abby online so he may have thought I was ignoring him. I hope not. I still miss him, you know.

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