I saw one of the fittest lads I have ever seen! – 21st August 1999

Saturday 21st Mum, Abby and I went to Liverpool this morning. The reason behind us going was for Abby to do some Art research for school so we went in the Tate and Walker galleries.

In the Walker, I saw one of the fittest lads I have ever seen! He was tallish, tanned with gelled forward, darkish-blonde hair. I think he was called Daniel because some old woman was calling him over to her, although I’m not sure if that’s right.

After we left, I had a look round the shops for ages and I bought a pair of dark grey bootleg trousers and a light blue and white flowery top from Miss Selfridge. We were there for quite a long time in the end.

I think we got home at about 5:00 and Dad told me that Keira had phoned. I didn’t ring her back because I wanted to see what Hayley was doing first about this evening. I forgot about it in the end and took Mollie for a walk with Mum and Abby.

When I got home, Dad said Keira had phoned again and should be ringing around the time I got back. She didn’t and Abby wanted to use the internet so I rang her in the end. Robert answered and asked who I was (which is a bit embarrassing because he’s in (or was in) my form at school) but Keira wasn’t in. He said she’s gone out somewhere and that he’d give me the mobile number but he’d nicked it off her earlier. I just told him to let her know I phoned and we left it at that.

She probably went out with Emma which was probably why she was trying to get hold of me. It didn’t sound like there was a party going on when I was speaking to Robert either, although I could’ve been wrong. Anyway, I’d already decided I was going with Hayley.

So, this evening I ended up in The Plough. It’s a bit livelier than the Sports Club, I have to say! We saw this bossy cow, Amber Watson, out of our year in there but that’s it and I don’t think she saw us. I wasn’t there long coz we went in quite late but I quite enjoyed it. There’s a lot of rather nice looking lads who go in there too!

I kept forgetting that I’m not actually single, until I see couples together and I keep being reminded and thinking that it should be me and Duncan. That’s another reason why I might have felt guilty about going to the party, if there’d been some lad there and something had happened. Not that it’d be likely that Duncan’d find out but I can’t see him doing that to me so I’d feel guilty, especially seeing as it’s only a week since he asked me out. Maybe in a month or 2 when I’m bored of not having a lad and an opportunity comes along then maybe I won’t feel so awful. Actually, I probably would!

I think I’ll write to Duncan soon seeing as he seems to be making no effort to keep in touch. A letter’d probably be best because phoning’s way too expensive and e-mails would only be read by other people. I’m just worried he’d think it was sad to write letters, although he said he’d write to me. It doesn’t look like he’s going to so I’ll have to make the first move with this one. If I do, he’d better reply to me!


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