Let’s way up the pros and cons – 20th August 1999

Friday 20th I had a phone call from Gethin Turner this morning asking if I wanted to go bowling with him, Anthony, Emma and Keira. I couldn’t really go because I was going with Mum and Abby to see Grandma S in the afternoon. When I first picked up the phone and heard a lad’s voice, I thought it was Duncan but then realise the voice did not have a Scottish accent. Then I thought it was this lad called Adam from Stoke on Trent who I used to talk to on the internet. Then the voice said its name was Gethin. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed!

This afternoon we took Grandma on a trip to Tesco to try and make her buy some food because she hardly has any in at home and most of that went off in about 1992. Grandma gave Abby and I £21 each so we bought the Now 43 album which contains Better Off Alone (sob, sob!!). Duncan’s got that album and so has Rhian so the whole lot kind of has a Wick feel to it!

This evening I ended up at the Sports Club (groan, yawn!!) with Hayley and Milla Green. Gethin turned up later with The Brownies (a sad group of lads and one very sad girl who are actually Venture Scouts, whatever they are, but we think our title suits them much better!) and came over to talk to us. He said he didn’t go bowling in the end but he thinks the others did.

Then he started talking about last night. Milla sat in silence but Hayley went all moody and started going on about how she was never invited to “Swing Band get-togethers”. Gethin pointed out that she’s not actually in Swing Band but, other than last night and only because it was a last-minute thing, I always ask her along. She got over it eventually when they began reminiscing about primary school but no doubt she had a good one-way bitching session to Milla about me after I’d gone.

I’ve got a decision to make about tomorrow night. Hayley wants me to go to The Plough with her but Keira wants me to go to her brother’s party. Let’s way up the pros and cons.

The Plough
If I go there with Hayley, I’ll feel less guilt because she asked me first and she’s meant to be my best mate so I shouldn’t really dump her like that.

Although, there’s no guarantee she’ll even be going because her sister (who’s about 30, may I just add – not a good image!) is meant to be chaperoning (or however you spell it!) her with her husband but that’s only if she can find a babysitter. If she can’t find one, Hayley can’t go which means a night in front of the TV.

Also, Milla’ll probably go and it’s so awkward trying to make conversation. I suppose that means if I don’t go then Hayley wouldn’t be on her own.

If I decided to go to the party and not with Hayley, she’ll go in a major mood for weeks, tell everyone how two-faced I am (Her and Emma don’t get on. She and Emma, even!) and hold it against me forever.

Believe me, falling out with Hayley is more trouble than it’s worth.

Keira’s bro’s party
If I go there, I’ll feel guilty about Hayley but, at the same time, I’ll probably be having more fun than I would otherwise.

The things that are bothering me about this party are that it’s Robert’s, not Keira’s, so I don’t know how he’d feel about me turning up.

Also, I’m not really friends with him or his mates. In fact, I can’t stand most of those bitchy girls and self-obsessed lads who he’s mates with but I could just talk to Emma, Keira, Anthony etc.

Gethin said he’s not going so that’s one person down.

The thing that worried me about not going is that Emma and Keira will stop inviting me places if I keep turning them down. I’ve already done it once today and they might think I don’t want to go anywhere with them or that I’m really sad and just don’t want to go anywhere if I say I can’t go again.

Okay, I think I’m done with that. I’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow if anyone phones and decide when I’ve spoken to people.


2 thoughts on “Let’s way up the pros and cons – 20th August 1999

  1. I love your blog! I grew up in the 90s and I just felt a wave of nostalgia (although I would never, ever, EVER have the guts to do what you’re doing… my mum might find it!)


    • Ah, thanks for telling me that 🙂 I regret having started this fairly often (e.g. when I accidentally posted a link to my personal Facebook page yesterday for all my old schoolmates to see) but I’ve gone to far to back out now!


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