Maybe it’s got something to do with the eclipse – 16th & 17th August 1999

Monday 16th I hate saying goodbye. It was awful when we had to leave this morning. I really struggled not to cry when I said goodbye to Auntie S and my cousins and Grandma L. I also kept thinking about how I wasn’t going to see Duncan for ages. Anything could happen between now and then too.

On the way out of Wick, we saw Dunny in blue overalls on a skateboard but he didn’t see us. I wanted to see Duncan as well but I didn’t get chance.

I really do like Duncan and it was horrible watching Wick get further into the distance knowing he was there and I wasn’t going back for ages.

I’m at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel now. I got a bit upset before but I managed to control myself before anyone saw me. I’m really missing him. I liked having someone to hold hands with, cuddle etc.

This holiday has been one of the best I’ve ever had. The bad thing was those girls but one of them even apologised. Maybe it’s got something to do with the eclipse.

Right, I’ll go and think about Duncan now so…


Tuesday 17th I’m back at home now and it’s so boring. It’s way too quiet not having Tom and Minnie running round and squealing and I really want a cuddle off Duncan.

I keep remembering things like how Duncan said he nearly asked me out on Thursday just before we went home. Rhian and Abby said he looked like he was about to speak to me before we went that night. That must’ve been what he was going to say to me.

Also the ‘Strong’ song by Robbie Williams is going to remind me of Chin now because we met them for a second time on Wednesday night and he kept singing, “Are they real or are they fake? Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake” all the time we were there and it took ages before any of us realised he was referring to Rhian’s chest!

Another song that reminds me of that holiday is Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias off the Wild Wild West album because Rhian was constantly playing it.

I’ve been told that Ashley Ewart has done or is doing trials for Ross County because he’s meant to be really good at football. Abby’s quite please about this because I think she likes the image of being a footballer’s wife!

Oh yeah. Another thing I’ve remembered is that on Sunday night, Duncan and I were walking hand in hand down by the river and a car went past blasting out Better Off Alone. [I should’ve taken the song’s hint.] We both sort of commented on how good that tune is but I was thinking it was weird that out of all the songs in the world, it was that one playing as the car drove past us.

We saw Mrs P (an ex-headteacher of our primary school) and her husband at some service station today. She came over to chat and wished me luck with my exam results. It’s too late for luck though really. That’s another reason I why I didn’t want to come home – getting my exam results and going into 6th Form College at school.

I don’t want to do A Levels anymore, I want to do something different and interesting that I enjoy, not sitting behind a desk, stressing about more exams of which the results can affect your whole future. Then again, I really want to do Physiotherapy and I need A Levels for that.

Anyway, I really just don’t want to be home and back to bloody normal. I miss everyone way too much and I didn’t have as long with them as I usually do. Also I miss more people this year. I really want Duncan. I don’t think I can stand waiting until Christmas before I see him again. And everyone else for that matter.


2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s got something to do with the eclipse – 16th & 17th August 1999

    • No, I don’t think so… I’m just fairly sure there’ll be a few more weeks of mooning over Duncan and I could’ve got lots of useful things done rather than writing pages and pages of diary entries about how much I wanted to hold hands with someone 480 miles away.

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