“We’ve been going out for about 24 hours now” – 15th August 1999

Sunday 15th Abby and I were feeling guilty today about spending loads of time with Rhian and not much with Tom and Minnie so when they asked us to play Gladiators with them, we agreed. It was actually quite good fun! We did that Gauntlet game down the hallway using pillows and cushions. When it came to Rhian’s turn to be timed, she began running and didn’t have to battle her way to the end because we all dived out of her way!

Grandma L took us out for high tea at Mackays Hotel this evening. It was quite nice and Auntie S was telling us stories about some play thing that she was acting in which included a commentary of a fake horse race that featured a horse called Hoof Hearted. Tom found that rather amusing!

I was getting a bit paranoid though today about how much people know about me and Duncan. I’m sure my Auntie S knows because it was all her friends at the party and Rhian wasn’t being too subtle when she grinning and stared at me as Duncan’s name cropped up in conversation.

I also panicked a bit when this Murray bloke came out of the staff section of the hotel and started talking to us because he’d been at the party. It’s just that every time someone asks if I enjoyed myself, they look as if they know something.

I spoke to Duncan on the phone at about 11:30 am because Kate phoned to say goodbye because she and Amelia went back to their mum’s in Brighton today. Duncan must have been put on the phone and I was told to come and speak to him so I did. It wasn’t a long conversation, he just asked if I had a hangover and if I remembered. Of course I remembered and I told him that.

He just said how he didn’t want me to go again and that he’d keep in touch and hopefully we’ll see each other at Christmas. We don’t think we’ll see each other until then because he was going to the airport in Inverness with Kate and Amelia and their flight was quite late. He said he might phone later in the evening though.

He did at about 8:00 pm or something. Rhian had been on the phone to Laura and when she hung up, she saw that a number had been waiting to get through so she phoned it and found out it had been Duncan trying to get hold of me. I spoke to him and he wanted to meet up somewhere. I made the excuse that I had to stay in with Tom and Minnie when I was actually going down the town with Abby and Rhian anyway. I did that partly because I thought it might be awkward seeing him again now we’re sober and partly because I didn’t want to say goodbye again.

I went out with the other 2 and we were given until 10:30 pm seeing as it was the last night. At about 9:00 pm I decided I wanted to see Duncan after all because it’ll probably be at least 4 months until I see him again and I might have regretted not spending my last night with him. Abby dialled his number and handed the phone straight to me when it began ringing. Duncan answered so I told him I’d escaped and asked if he could come down and meet us. He actually wanted me to go to up there because there was nobody in but the others couldn’t be bothered so Duncan came to us.

Abby and Rhian had spotted Ashley and Greg kicking a can about by the bank so Duncan and I just followed them round and wound them up a bit when they came out of the chippy by saying we’d just seen Ashley and Greg drive past loads.

Duncan was being quite talkative actually. I thought he’d go all quiet on me again but he didn’t. He was taking the piss out of Rhian’s late night eating habits and the fact she’s a bit unfit because of that. She didn’t seem to care but then she says he’s always winding her up.

As we were walking down by the river, the other 2 were shouting something to us which I couldn’t quite hear. I only realised they were telling us to hold hands when Duncan said, “Shall we just do it to keep them happy?” but Abby just grabbed a hand each and put ours together in the end anyway. We were stood there holding hands on the bridge, waiting for the others to catch us up, and Duncan said, “We’ve been going out for about 24 hours now.” [Milestone.] I thought it was really sweet of him to notice and point it out to be honest because I didn’t really think about it.

He also told me that when I phoned he thought it was because I was going to tell him that I was staying for a few more days. I felt really snidey for getting his hopes up then.

He was telling me that Kate, Amelia and his sisters were all wanting details from him last night. Sounds familiar because I was getting the same off Rhian and Abby. Those 2 were telling me last night that that Diane woman had been asking how the love-match was going and stuff. Also, apparently Frances had been following us round and checking up on us.

It started raining so we ended up sheltering at the bus stop. Duncan was trying to warm my hands up and kept holding them tighter when I loosened my grip. He did the same when Melanie turned up with some other girl and came over. We thought she was going to have another go at us but instead she asked which one she’d been picking on the other day and then apologised to Abby. I suppose that’s something anyway. You wouldn’t get an apology off most people.

After that we made our way home. Duncan walked with us to the passage where we said our goodbye. We kissed once and then hugged for ages then kissed quickly on the lips before I turned to go. He still had hold of my hand so I told him to he had to write and phone and things and he told me he would.

I really didn’t want to leave him. It makes going home even worse than usual. I really do like Duncan and I think he really likes me too. Christmas just seems so far away 😦


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