I can’t stop thinking about him – 13th August 1999

Friday 13th I’m pissed off. I really don’t want to go home because I’m running out of time with Duncan. I’ve not heard from Kate or anyone today and it’s 7:40 pm already. I really want to see Duncan but I’m not so sure I will because his family came back from Florida today so he’ll probably want to be with them.

There’s a party going on for his dad’s birthday tomorrow night and Rhian, Kate and Amelia are going but I don’t think that Abby and I are going to be invited.

I really don’t reckon that this thing between me and Duncan is going to go any further than it has already [i.e. nowhere]. I’m even beginning to doubt that I’ll see him before I go home because he’s going to be even more embarrassed now his parents are back, isn’t he?

Everyone else seems to think we’re going out with each other but I’m not so sure. I like him so much and I’m dreading having to leave here now. I can’t stop thinking about him and how maybe if we didn’t have to go so soon, maybe something more would develop but the fact there’s only 2 days left, I seriously don’t think there’s much chance of that.


[I was going to type up the next diary entry too but I’ve had a quick read and it’s waaaaay to cringey for me to cope with this evening. I’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours and I just want a nice, non-cringey cup of tea. Any guesses what happens?  How about multiple choice? Did I…

a) snog Duncan and go into too much detail?
b) wander the streets of Wick, swooning at every scratty lad that crossed my path?
c) chicken out of snogging Duncan and use up 5 pages wallowing about it?

7 thoughts on “I can’t stop thinking about him – 13th August 1999

  1. Based on past experiences I would guess C but I think you might have actually done something this time – you seem to have got a bit more confident with guys since you kissed that other one (Ollie?) so I’m gonna say A!


    • Yes, Ollie – someone’s been paying attention! I was going to post the entry with the answer tonight but it’s a right struggle to type up because I keep having to stop to hide in my jumper for a few minutes when it makes me cringe too much. Only 3 more pages of torture to go though…


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