Surprisingly, we didn’t get a bollocking – 12th August 1999

Thursday 12th Rhian, Abby and I went to this Achelone Activities place at Halkirk today to do horse riding and quadbiking. The horse riding was just walking and trotting round fields which was quite good but beforehand they were using us as skivvies by making us brush the horses and stuff. I had one called Jack who was quite big and slow but alright.

By lunchtime, Abby and I decided we didn’t want to do the quadbiking because we’d been told the “the boys” were running it and we’ve seen teenage lads hanging about there before. Also, one of the girls who was working in the stables asked if we were doing the quadbiking in the afternoon and when I said we were, she sort of grinned to herself and stood whispering with a few others before they were all grinning. That made me paranoid and, seeing as I never even wanted to go to that place to start with, I decided I definitely didn’t want to stay.

I told Abby and she’d changed her mind too but the only way we managed to persuade Rhian to fake really bad hayfever (she had it a bit anyway) so we could go home was by bribing her by saying we’d buy her as much food as she wanted for the rest of the day.

We found the bloke who was running it and he let us use the phone. He was stood there while I called so, when nobody answered, I pretended I was talking to someone and pretended to arrange to meet them at the end of the road because I wanted to get out of the place seeing as he kept offering to let us have a quick go.

We got 15 quid back off him and started walking towards Wick with the intention to find a phone box. We’d walked about 7 miles in about 2 and a half hours before we sat down and decided we might as well wait for Mum to drive past. Eventually they did and, surprisingly, we didn’t get a bollocking. They actually found it quite amusing when we collapsed in the car and told them the reason behind us walking from Halkirk to Watten!

This evening, Kate phoned. Rhian was speaking and then she called me over and handed me the phone. I thought it’d be Duncan but it was Kate. She was speaking on behalf of Duncan because he went all shy again. She was saying that he was asking if I was going out tonight. I said I wanted to so we arranged for all of us (Ruth too) to wander round because I said it’d be too awkward if it was just me and Duncan.

So, the 3 of us went round to theirs and we all went for a wander. To start with, he wasn’t saying anything and he kept stopping Kate. I think he was asking her what to say to me. Eventually they got me and Duncan walking together up Meadowbank with Kate who was telling us to just talk. He was saying that his mind had just gone blank so he couldn’t think of anything to say and he nodded in agreement with Kate when she said it was just nerves. She dropped back too so we started by just saying how obvious and immature they were being about leaving us alone.

I ended up telling him the Halkirk to Watten story so it did kind of break the ice. He said he might be going quadbiking tomorrow so hopefully that means he’s not going camping.

Later on, Rhian and the others were all stood in a phone box doing wrong number calls to Greg Thompson’s house (he answered) so I stood outside with Duncan to give him the chance to start up a conversation with me. He didn’t really say much.

Rhian then needed the toilet so she dragged me and Duncan back to where he’s staying. On the way back, she dropped back so we were alone again. We just said about how sad it was getting stalking Greg like that [Yeah, I’d never dream of doing such a thing…] and he mentioned Man Utd beating Sheff Wed 4-0. We met up with the others again and he shut up.

We went back home at about 9:30 pm and they walked half way with us. After we’d split up, Rhian and Abby said Duncan looked like he was about to say something but I walked off. I genuinely didn’t notice.

I really like him even more now because he’s quite funny and we’re on the same wavelength about the Greg and Ashley stalking. I hope I see him again before I go home.


I ♥ Duncan even more!!

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