I could feel my face getting redder and hotter – 11th August 1999

Last night was good but nothing happened between me and Duncan. He’s way too shy to make the first move and he told Kate that too. We got in from our wanderings at about 10:30 pm and he was sat watching videos. We sat down in the same room but he didn’t really say anything directly to me. Amelia was making the situation even more embarrassing though by keeping telling him to talk to me and saying about how I’d be related to her somehow if I became Mrs Morgan.

We ended up going into our room and talking in there. Duncan is staying in the room in the roof and the staircase to get up there was in the room we were in so he had to walk through to go to bed. He could probably hear every word we were saying and he was probably listening because this morning when he got up to do his paper round at 8:00 am, he was moaning that he’d only got 4 hours sleep. We woke up properly at 10:00 am, ready to watch the total eclipse on the TV. It was cloudy here.

Last night on our walk round, we were sat outside the Hobgoblin shop and these lads came up and started talking to us. The 3 main ones were Chris, Mike and Alex. I think they all fancy Kate but she’s got a boyfriend. Today when we went down the street, we saw those 3 again and they were hanging about. Duncan completely ignored me when he had a break from the café so I’m beginning to give up on him. Anyway, they asked to meet us again tonight down by the riverside at 8:00 or something.

So, at 7:00 pm, Abby, Rhian and I went to collect Kate. I’d just walked in the door and Kate said she had good news for me. You see, earlier on she said she’d tell Duncan I was getting fed up with nothing happening. She said that and added also that there were other lads who might be interested. Anyway, she told me that just before I’d arrived, Duncan had dragged her into the kitchen and told her that he really was interested in me.

I went upstairs and the other girls followed me and one of them shouted up to Duncan. Abby told me afterwards that he looked really nervous and he stopped and shut his eyes and breathed out before coming in the room I was in. Everyone else cleared out when someone asked if he wanted them to go and he said yes.

There was just us in the room and I was shaking, my heart sped right up and I could feel my face getting redder and hotter. He walked further in and stood on the stairs going up to his room. Then he started asking me where I was going. (I love his accent. It’s so, well, Scottish!) I then told him that I was just going to the phone box to start with because Abby and Rhian wanted to phone that Mike lad (a.k.a. Chin because of, well, his chin!).

I told Duncan that I didn’t really want to go out with those lads. That was a bit of a lie but I didn’t want Duncan to get jealous because there was no reason to. I like him more than anyone else. Then Duncan asked me if I wanted to go out somewhere with him tonight. I did want to but Abby and Rhian had been planning to ask Greg Thompson and Ashley Ewart to go with [snog] them so I wanted to see that [?!] and I did kind of want to meet up with Mike and co.

I told Duncan that I’d promised I’d go with them tonight but that I could come back later and we could go out then. He said that I couldn’t really do that because he was going home for some reason but that I could go there with him. We agreed to meet up down the street later because we’d both be there.

The subject then got changed onto football when he said something like, “Your team’s playing Sheffield Wednesday or something tonight, aren’t they?” I said yeah and he asked if I was watching it. I said I wasn’t. I think at that point, Rhian came in and got the hairbrush I’d been looking for and Duncan and I said we’d see each other later, he went upstairs and the girls piled in wanting details.

Ruth (Kate’s friend), Rhian, Abby, Kate and I went down to the town and sat outside Boots. Pretty soon after, Duncan turned up on his bike ad stopped right by us for ages. He was on his way to his house and I think he wanted me to go right then but I wanted to see the other lads. Only after he’d set off, looking disappointed, was I told that the others weren’t actually going to speak to Greg and Ashley so I immediately wished I’d gone with Duncan.

I also began to feel extremely guilty because I know he’s really shy so it must have been so hard for him to say what he said earlier and ask me out. I decided that I would catch him on his way back to his auntie’s house but the night from there didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to.

There were 3 girls in the street called Melanie, Leanne and Frances. They’d been yelling things at us which we couldn’t quite make out and eventually they caught up with us on the bridge. They started asking why we’d been giving them dirty looks. We hadn’t but every time we tried to answer them they told us not to give them back-talk but if we didn’t answer they started getting annoyed and threatened to thump us.

They decided that it was only Kate and Abby who were giving them so-called dirty looks and they left the rest of us alone mostly. They were there for about half an hour before they decided they wanted a fag. Good job they were smokers. We really thought they were going to slap Kate before they left but they didn’t.

We also narrowly escaped a confrontation with this Gill who’s a really hard bitch of a girl who has also apparently been getting dirty looks off us. Luckily she got into a car just before she reached us.

Afterwards, we got out of the way and made our way to Ruth’s house. On the way, we saw Colin Dunn (Dunny) and a few others and he shined a laser pen on me and said, “I’m just checking out Duncan’s bird!” What’s Duncan been saying and who to??!!

We eventually ended up back at Kate’s but we went to the phone with Duncan to phone Mike. We arranged to meet them at some park so, unfortunately, Duncan went home. Only 2 turned up – Mike and Chris. We didn’t stay long and got a lift home afterwards.


I ♥ Duncan

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