Diving around our house, dangling at me – 1st August 1999

Sunday 1st I knew it! I’m probably hardly ever going to see Emma and Keira anymore now they’ve found love in Appleton. Emma just phoned me, you see, and I got all excited, thinking that maybe something interesting was happening later. No such luck. All she wanted was Keira’s phone number because she’s lost her address book and Gavin’s asked Emma to go and visit them later on.

It’s a shame Gavin’s mate Nathan Holmes wasn’t interested in me very much at Davis Nolan’s little party thing because I was curtained interested in him but then that’s just the way things always seem to work out for me!

I have suspicions about what’ll happen next now. I reckon that on Wednesday when I go up to Scotland for my holidays and Emma’s friend Suzanna comes back from hers in Germany, Emma’ll arrange to go and visit Gavin and she’ll take Suzanna along. Also at Gavin’s will be Nathan. Nathan will decide he likes Suzanna and vice versa so by the time I get home again it’ll be Emma + Gavin, Keira + Maz and Suzanna + Nathan. Everyone’ll then forget about me and I’ll be forced back into choosing whether to go out on those fun-filled nights to the Sports Club with Hayley or stay at home and watch TV.

Okay, I think that’s enough negativity for one day. Let’s change the subject…

My Grandma L has come to stay with us for a couple of days. She actually lives in Wick with my Auntie S and her family but she’s been staying with my Uncle R near Cambridge. She’s going to travel back to Wick with us on Wednesday. I’ve not seen her since Christmas so it’s nice to spend time with her.

My Grandma S who lives in Rochdale couldn’t lock her front door or something so we all, plus Mollie (our Scottie dog) went to visit her this evening and my dad sorted the door. The two Grandmas just sat and chatted and forgot things and laughed about forgetting things then forgot what they were laughing about! I love them both. They make me smile.

I’ve recently developed a fear of daddy longlegs. I’ve never been too keen on them but with the hot weather, they’re all growing to unnerving sizes and fluttering and diving around our house, dangling at me. Urgh!!

I was also dived at by a great big furry moth before. I don’t like them much either. I agree with people that they can be very beautiful but when trapped in a bathroom with one hurtling at me, I tend not to like them as much.

Loads of frogs appeared in the garden before. It has been extremely hot and dry for a few days so they probably welcomed the nice, wet, cool thunderstorms of earlier on. They were all leaping about and they varied from great big ones to the tiny froglets that only emerged a few weeks ago.


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