It’s brown and full of old people – 31st July 1999

Saturday 31st Okay, another new diary. Although I’ve not got much to write.



I’ve not seen my friend Hayley Pearson for about 2 weeks because of the Swing Band tour in Belgium and then sleepovers and stuff so I thought it was about time I arranged to meet up with her somewhere before she got too paranoid and thought I was neglecting her. I ended up being dropped off at her house this evening so we could just wander round her village or something.

Milla Green was also at Hayley’s house. She’s recently come back from Australia… again. You see, she used to live elsewhere in England until her grandad won the National Lottery jackpot and then she moved and came to our school for a bit until they decided to move to Australia. They stayed over there for a while but then moved to Cornwall. They were there for a few months but moved back to Australia again. Now she’s come back and is moving to the other side of Warrington fairly soon.

I didn’t get this information out of Milla, mind you, because she doesn’t speak. Well, not much anyway. She’ll give the odd one syllable answer to a question or, if she’s in a really chatty mood, you might get a whole sentence out of her! I shouldn’t be skitting her really, she’s just so painfully shy.

Anyway, I got to Hayley’s and we decided to go from her house and have a wander round to see if anyone was about. Nobody was. This meant we ended up back at the Sports Club. It has got to be one of the most boring places on Earth. It’s brown and full of old people but Hayley almost lives there.

After about half an hour of pure boredom, I managed to drag the other two out for another walk. This time we went down Aire Road, I think it is, in search of this lad who’s either called Dean or Aiden (he’s got a brother who’s either called Dean or Aiden as well, you see) who is particularly nice looking. Hayley pointed out the house which is sort of pebble-dashed and on first sight looks like a bungalow.

I then tried to get her to show me where another nice lad called Ste Rollinson (or Rolly as he’s more commonly known – very original!) lives but it’s on another estate so Hayley wouldn’t go round there because she thinks it’s rough so she was too scared. She’s so scared of anything that’s remotely risky or out of her village, by the way.

Yet again we ended up back at that bloody Sports Club. I got my mum to come and pick me up in the end because I knew I’d have more fun here at home, on my own may I just add.

Hayley’s not very pleased with me at the moment. She hasn’t actually said anything but I can tell. I think it’s because I’ve been to all these get-togethers with more lively and slightly less agoraphobic friends. I did ask her if she wanted to come but, of course, she said no because what if she didn’t get enough sleep or someone she didn’t get on with was there or if she couldn’t get a lift or anything else daft like that which most other people don’t tend to bother about when they’re partying and actually having that thing called fun???!!

Sorry, I shouldn’t be saying things like that about a so-called friend. I could continue though but I won’t because once I really get started on how much Hayley can annoy people, there’ll be no stopping me!

Emma Thornley, another one of my mates (Hayley really doesn’t like her but I think it’s just jealousy for various reasons), hasn’t phoned today. I think she is probably going back out with this lad called Gavin Bilson from Appleton. I thought she might have phoned to let me know how their date went last night but she hasn’t.

It’s looking like Keira Osborne is also now going out with Maz P too so my social life has probably just died again seeing as it was Keira and Emma who I’ve seen most of over the last couple of weeks. Never mind, hey?!


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