A lad would be quite nice to have – 30th July 1999

Friday 30th I stayed over at Emma’s house last night. It was her birthday so she had a bit of a get-together with me, Keira, Davis, Heidi Warner, Stuart Hobbs, Brian Short, Isaac McFarlane, Ed, Dougie and Anthony Wiley.

It was alright I suppose but Keira and Emma were organising a double date between Emma + Gavin and Maz P + Keira. I felt a bit left out to tell you the truth and I think they picked up on that and started saying how they should get Nathan to come along with me.

Yeah right, like that’d ever happen! Anyway, apparently he’s obsessed with some girl called Sarah so that makes things even less likely to happen between me and him.

I shouldn’t be complaining really. My social life seems to have picked up a bit since a few weeks ago and that’s better than nothing. Although a lad would be quite nice to have as well. Everyone else seems to have got one. Never mind, hey?!

Tonight I went to the cinema to see ‘Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me’ with Freda, Lizzie and Cat. The film was quite good and we got some attention from lads, although it was only a few glances.


Freda phoned Charlie Wilson from her mobile and left 2 messages on the answering machine pretending to be Cat. One saying hi then bye, the other leaving Cat’s phone number. She phoned again later, telling him to go online tonight coz he’s on AOL too so they could talk. He said he’d be there at about 11:00 pm. The others are staying the night at Freda’s but I came home coz I can’t be doing with yet another sleepless night this week!


P.S. For more information on my life, please see my next diary. Actually, please don’t. You shouldn’t even be reading this one unless you’re me or I’m dead. Anyway, it should be a purple Paperchase one.


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