Destined for disappointment – 28th July 1999

Wednesday 28th Yesterday I went round to Emma’s. It didn’t seem to be a problem with Hayley coz I asked her but she didn’t want to come. The people who did go were me, Emma (obviously!), Maisie Jones, Keira Osborne, Patrick Campbell, Dougie, Ed, Davis, Brian Short, Stuart Hobbs and Gethin. All we really did was sit and talk and then Davis said we could all go round to his for the night if we wanted coz the rest of his family are away.

So, later on, I went back round to Emma’s and we got the bus to Warrington bus station and then one to Davis’s. Patrick didn’t go but Isaac McFarlane did instead. When we got to Davis’s, I was quite pleased to see 3 lads I didn’t know stood there. Well, one of them was Gavin Bilson who I have met once before but I didn’t know the others. They were Mark Parry (a.k.a. Maz P) and Nathan Holmes.

I kind of thought I could’ve been in with the chance with one of them seeing as Maisie is going out with Brian and Emma went with [snogged] Gavin but I was yet again destined for disappointment. You see, even though Keira still likes Dougie, she also seemed to have her eye on these two lads. Unfortunately, they (especially Maz P) seemed to quite like her too. I decided I much preferred Nathan anyway and he began to talk to me a bit and seemed really nice.

I sort of nearly fell over at one point when Keira and I were testing our sense of balance but he stopped me by putting his arms round my waist. He didn’t let go for quite a while either.

All 3 are 17 I think and Gavin had a driving lesson in the morning and Nathan left at about 1:30am with him coz his dad was away and his mum was at home on her own or summit. Keira got a hug off him as he left. I didn’t. What am I doing wrong, hey?

Keira ended up going with [snogging] Maz P and they went into the spare room and slept.

Sleep was something which I didn’t get any of. Neither did Dougie or Stuart. It was fun actually when we were the only ones awake. We just talked and threw things at Ed and Gethin and then we attempted to get cola bottle sweets in the bowl-style lamp shade. We got 3 in so Davis won’t be pleased when he finds them.

Dougie and I were doing a lot of giggling. I’m not sure what about but it was really funny!

Earlier on, when Gethin was awake he was really getting on my nerves. He was being really creepy and kept lying on the floor next to me and stuff. Ed was doing it later and head his arm round me and was playing with my hair and stuff and kept kissing me but I didn’t mind so much from him. Plus everyone expected summit to happen with me and Gethin for some reason but the idea of that makes me feel sick!

Dougie, Keira, Emma and I all left at about 10:00 am and got the bus back home. On the way, Emma said it would be good if she went out with Gavin and Keira went out with Maz P. Then she added on that it’d be good if me and Nathan got together. I wish! It won’t happen, believe me!

When I got home I slept from about 11:30 am to 6:30 pm and I’m still tired now.

I want armchairs and sofas like Davis’s. They’re so cool. They’re sort of reclining ones and so comfy.


P.S. I got told by Stuart that Paul Nutt’s Hotmail password used to be Tessa. Creep!

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